Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi everyone! As promised, I'm going to review the Long, wavy, black wig that I bought off ebay! Here's what it looks like on ebay:

It's really long. It measures 60cm(+/- 3cm)(1inch=2.54cm) in length. Which is very long!  In the description it says it comes "unstyled" but, mine was curled at the bottom like in the photo above. It comes with a wig cap and the wig itself. It comes with instructions on how to put on the wig cap and the wig.

It's made of "high temp fibers" but it feels just like real hair! The hair on the wig falls out just as easily as my normal hair would so it doesn't bother me. The wig is very comfy and doesn't look fake, at all. The page on which you order the wig gives you style/color options. I picked black w/ a straight bang.

Here are my concerns with the product. Since I ordered a straight bang the fringe was pretty short. Almost like Katy Perry's hair in the California Girls music video. It looks a lot like the picture above, actually! The fringe is pretty short and wasn't perfectly straight. 

So what I did was, I pulled the wig slightly forward to make it appear longer. The not-so-straight fringe didn't bother me too much because I felt like it made it look more natural vs. perfectly straight bangs.

The wig was about $12 with free shipping and took about 2 weeks to get here from China. On average it could take 7-12 working days if you live in the Us. Any other country would take up to 35 working days to arrive. 

Now, is it worth to buy?  
If you just want a cute/cheap wig to have fun with, yes. but if you're looking for a wig that's super high quality then I wouldn't suggest this product. Overall~ I am pretty happy with my wig and I'm glad I purchased it. ♥

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