Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Love and Things Boutique review.
So today I got my package from Love&Things and I thought I'd write a review. ^^ ♥ It came really fast. It shipped from Hawaii to California in about 3-4 business days which is pretty fast. The packaging is always really cute! 

It came in a box so, it was super safe & protected! ♥

More pretty packaging 

Every package comes with a bunch of really cute stationary! I really love all the stationary that comes with the bows because I use them for little notes and stuff. :3 and they're SOO cute! 

It also came with a personal note for me (which is always really sweet), and a few business cards so, I/you can give them to your friends and family! ^ u ^

Here are the bows I got. I got the Beary Sweet bow and the Coral star bow. I lovelovelove the Beary Sweet bow because it reminds me of Kyary's PONPON music video!  The Coral star bow is really cute. It's a peachy color with really little stars. (sooo adorable)

I really love love love LoveandThings Boutique. Her products are always very well made and super cute! I never have any complaints or concerns. I would recommend L&T's to anyone and everyone who loves cute things, or even to someone who just wants to add a little cuteness to their lives. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope to write more reviews on shops/stores in the near future.



  1. so CUTE omg (。♥‿♥。) If I ever buy from there and spend more then $10 I'll be sure to use your code! Ily :*

  2. Yay c: I love this review Jane! The packaging doesn't look damaged at all! I can't wait to send you more things c:

    1. I can't wait, either! I'll review that new product once I get it, of course. (Assuming I can figure out how it works lol.) ♥