Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hello cuties! I have a very cool review for you guys, today. I will be reviewing an etsy shop called Kawaii Kastle The owner of the store e-mailed me and asked me if I would like to do a review for her. Her store is sooo cute! There's so many different products/cute styles. Anyway~ take a look! 

The package arrived within about 3 days, which is lovely.  Although, shipping times have to do with the productivity of your postal service, which is why I don't comment too much on how long shipping takes, anymore. But! The point is, it came really quick and it made me happy hehe. The envelope has lots of bubble wrap so nothing was damaged, yay! 

Here are the items I picked to review. I will provide close-ups of each product and a little description, as well. It even came with a cute little note which was very sweet. I normally do lots of pastel/girly reviews but, I wanted to do something a little different this time. She does have lots and lots of kawaii/lolita style products which is really awesome, as well so make sure you check it out as soon as you're done reading! 

Each item came in a little bag. On the back there was cute little stickers. Snow white is my favorite so, I had to get a picture! Cute, right?  None of the items were damaged. They were cutely packaged and perfectly safe. 

The first item that I picked was, these adorable Snow White earrings! They have my two favorite things; bows and the lovely Snow White.  They were very well made and didn't fall apart or anything. But, with every handmade item, you should be extra careful so that it stays in perfect condition! I normally have really sensitive ears but, the earrings didn't irritate my ears or anything, yay! 

The next item I picked was, these creepy cute skull earrings!  The little skull pieces are really detailed which I looove. The bow adds the perfect touch, as well. I love these earrings soso much and I'm sure I'm going to be wearing them a lot! Super comfy, they don't irritate my ears or anything. Plus, they're perfect for Halloween, too. Eeee my favorite!!! 

Here's a little close up of what the earrings look like when you put them on.  My ears look a little red because I was searching around for the hole, oops! But, they don't cause my ears any irritation. Anywhoo, I really love both pairs of earrings and there's tons more in her store. I plan on buying a few more pairs because they're so adorable, so well made, and I just love them to pieces! 

Last but not least, I picked this skeleton hand hair clip. I picked this one because I really liked the colors and they all blend very well with each other. The clip is glued on really well! I made sure to apply a sufficient amount of pressure to make sure it wouldn't fall off or anything. But, as always, be careful when it comes to handmade items! Treat them with lots of love. 

Here's a picture of the bone hair clip in my hair. I put my hair in a (messy) bun and attached the bone clip to it! Sorry, my hair was supper messy today! Hopefully, it doesn't look too bad, though. You can wear it any way you want but, this is how I chose to wear it.    These hair clips come in lots of different colors and styles. I plan to buy some more really soon! Sorry if the picture quality wasn't too great. I will hopefully get a new camera, within a few months. 

Overall, I give this shop a 10/10. The owner was really sweet, the shipping was awesome, the products were A+ and I really loved everything! I would recommend this shop to everyone I know. I might even add it to my shops list on my blog, too. 

Happy Shopping!

Much love, Jane 


  1. Her earrings are so cute ahhh ;___; I wish I never stretched my ears

  2. These things are so cute! Ideal for coming Halloween ^_^ <3

    I'll be glad if you check my blog :)

    With love, Minnie