Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing a shop called Sweet Soul Shop. ^_^
First off, I want to apologize for the low quality photos! I don't have a camera right now so the photos are a bit poopy. :c 

First off, Mina (One of the lovely owners of SSS) was nice enough to send me a few products to review! We had a little mix up with the packages but, we sorted everything out. *Any mistakes or shipping times are due to her supplier NOT Mina!* So please be patient if anything shall occur. (slow shipping times etcetc.)

(The photo above is not mine.)

One of the items I received was this ADORABLE polka dot handbag. It's a pretty good size and I can fit a good number of items in it, which is nice. 

It also comes with a removable strap. You can either carry it using the strap or remove the strap and carry it by the handle. The strap is also adjustable.I believe it comes in different colors, as well! ^o^

Another Item I received was this super cute plush bunny hoodi! It's hot pink and the hood has bunny ears on it. I believe it's made of fleece so it's SUPER warm and cozy! It's too hot for me to wear right now, though. T-T Silly California and it's crazy heat! Hopefully it cools down so I can wear it, soon!~

The zipper has a cute little heart on it! ♥ It doesn't get stuck or anything, either. Most of my zip-up sweaters have zippers that always get stuck but this one, doesn't. Yay!

A little ball fell out of the package when I opened it. At first I thought a little ball fell off or something. But, NOPE! It's a attachable/removable bunny tail! It has a safety pin on it so you can pin it onto the back of your bunny hoodi. So cute! ♥

I also received this ADORABLE heart/bow crop top! It's really cute and I'm pretty sure it's made of cotton. So, the material is really soft against your skin. Although, if you're a bit more... developed up top this might fit a little snug. I'm going to stretch it out a bit so it fits better, though! ♥

I really love Sweet Soul Shop and I plan on ordering from them, really soon! All of their products are really good quality and their items are really fashionable, too! The shop is under maintenance until the 21st of September. So, I suppose we'll all have to wait until then. 

Feel free to check Sweet Soul Shop's tumblr for more updates!

Much love, Jane. ♥

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