Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello, everyone! I have a new review for you, today. I'm going to be reviewing an adorable etsy shop called Nine Fruits Pie! ♥ My packaged arrived within two weeks or so and the packaged was shipped from the UK to California. It was really fast, too! :) 

This is what was inside the package. It's really neatly wrapped and super organized. All of the items on the inside were completely safe and protected. :)

Inside there was a detachable bow headband, a bracelet, and two pairs of earrings! Everything was so cutely wrapped oh my gosh. The bow headband is SOOO CUTE! 

I love this headband because the bow is removable (so you can clip it onto your clothes or add a clip & clip it to your hair!) and I love that the bow is on a headband because my hair is super short! The colors are really cute pastels and you all know how much I love pastels. ;) Overall, the quality is awesome! I love it.

The jewelry was in cute little pink baggies for safe keeping. I just think that they're adorable and now I won't have to worry about losing them. hehe

I really love Nine Fruits Pie because all of their items are quirky and unique. I love these Salt & Pepper earrings! Soo adorable, very well made, and totally cool! I can't wait to wear these! *u* ♥

This bracelet has little pastel buttons and shiny beads, It's really unique and adorable. It's also adjustable! I'd actually really love to wear it as an anklet so, I think I will. :)

These earrings are super cute! They're bright yellow (you can't really tell in the picture) heart-shaped earrings. Super cute, fun, and well made.

I love this shop and the owner is super cool, too! Check it out:

♥ -Jane

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