Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello everyone! I have a new review for you~! Today I will be reviewing a super cute Etsy shop called Color Me Kawaii ♥ 

This is the package that came! It was super secure & adorable. The parcel was marked as fragile so, the post was extra careful to make sure my package wasn't damaged! ^.^ The shipping was soooo fast. I believe it only too a day or two so, yay!

Here's everything that was inside. There was a little note (so cute), an envelope with a bow on it, an eraser, and an adorable box with a bow on it. Everything was neatly wrapped & packaged. 

These are the box that my earrings came in. It's a super hard box so it kept them safe! Super adorable, too.

These are the earrings, I got! They're super cute tea cups. The tea cups themselves, are glass & they have cute little cherries on them. They're literally soo adorable and well made!~ I actually got them for a friend sooo she'll be getting these babies around Christmas time. ^_~ ♥ You can buy them HERE

This cute little eraser came with my package! I lovelovelove getting free goodies when you order stuff. ♥

I got a Color Me Kawaii sticker, a business card, a letter, and WHAT'S THAT?! A discount code just for you guys! ♥♥♥

Use the code PASTELQT at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase at Color Me Kawaii.

For more info:

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! 

xo -Jane

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