Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hi guys! I have a quick review for you all today. I'm going to be reviewing a cute little shop called Little Unicorn Shoppe

So, this is what came in the mail for me today! It's very cutely wrapped and I waited over an hour before opening it because I didn't want to tear the pretty wrapping paper haha. I guess Gissele is as excited as anyone for the holidays! hehe

Here's all the awesome gifts Gissele sent me! She sent me 3 bows, a cute headband, a chocolate pen, some Care Bear stickers, and a letter. It's she the sweetest person, ever?! ♥

All of the bows are neatly wrapped and very cute, too! 

These are the bows she sent me! Each bow has an alegator clip on the back. ^_^ One is a cute little red bow with bunnies printed on them, and is a Christmas-y type bow and one is a brown bow with little sprinkles on it!  She also sent me this cute little headband because she said that when she finished making it that she thought I would like it & it would look cute on my head hehe. I love it so much! She also sent me cute care bear stickers as you can see~

Here's the very sweet letter & chocolate pen that she sent me! You can find the chocolate pen on ebay, I think. We were talking about them a while back and she asked me if I would like one and I said yes. ^_^ 

Anyway, I wish I would have gone into more detail but, I promise you if you order from her you won't be the least bit disappointed! Her bows are such amazing quality and she really does put a lot of time and effort into her work as well as, making sure each package is put together very cutely & safely! I 100% recommend Little Unicorn Shoppe both for their amazing prices, and perfect bows. ♥ 

Use the code PASTELCUTIE at checkout and get 20% off your entire purchase!

I hope you all enjoyed this review & I hope you all get a chance to order some *fantastic* bows of your own! ♥

Much love, Jane.


  1. I adore that pinky bow and how wrapped is this, oh mon dieu, I am in love with this so badly. ♡♡♡

    1. You should order from her! It's pretty cheap. ^_^ <3

  2. Omgosh i love the matching bow and headband! ^^

    ♥♥♥ from

  3. kawaii...i love it

    xoxo Wengie