Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello everyone~ Today I'm going to be reviewing a lovely shop called Loveandthings Boutique. I've been promoting L&T's for a while now and over the past year, it's gone through some changes. I'd like to talk to you about a new product that Maylei (the owner) has introduced to her store. ^_^

Here's the package that came in the mail. It was beautifully wrapped, as always. 

It came in a small flat rate shipping box so everything was secure and safe during it's trip from Hawaii.

The items were also wrapped in tissue paper.

(Front of the package)

(Back of the package)
Everything is neatly placed in the package. 

Maylei sent me this mint crochet bow that she made. Mint is my favorite color; she knows me so well. ^_^  It comes with an alegator clip attached to the back so, that I can put it in my hair! Isn't it cute? Hehe.

These are L&T's new products! They're called mug cozies. ^_^

"Keep your hands cool and your coffee or tea warm with our mug cozies. Choose a basic color or customize your own! They turn your boring, old mug into a cute mug with personality."

I personally drink a lot of hot drinks (mainly tea) so these are perfect! I'm always burning my hands when I hold my tea cup and by the time I can hold it in my hands, my tea is warm. (eww) This way, I can have my hot tea and not burn my hands, anymore! Not only will I not burn my hands, anymore; but it's a cute way to decorate my boring coffee/tea cups! 

This is the Hot Pink Sparkle Mug Cozy. ♥

It is a gorgeous hot pink color with sparkles in the knitting. It's perfect for any pink loving, tea drinking, person! Mine has my name stitched into it but, you can only get your name on it if you request it (I think). It's super cute though, isn't it? I used it this morning for my tea w/ honey. ^_^

The next thing she sent me was The Mug Cozy Tea Package.  

You can choose any existing mug cozy and you get a little tea package with a variety of 3-6 tea bags. She might even throw in a package of hot coca mix. ^_^ This is a perfect gift for a friend or family member who njoy's tea, coffee, hot coca, and other hot drinks. 

Here's a Custom Mug Cozy that Maylei made for me! 

It's sososo cute. I told her I wanted it to be pink and cute with the words "Kawaii Queen" on it. Safe to say, she nailed it. It's absolutely adorable! ♥ 

"Customize with colors, accents, details, you can even have your own phrase or your name on it! It's all up to your imagination. Want a string tie, or a button closure?"

You can customize your mug cozy any way you'd like! ^_^

Maylei also sent me a box of sweethearts and a little note. I always love her little notes because they're very special to me! (since we're friends and stuff) So, it was very sweet. ^_^ ♥

Now, I'm going to enjoy my morning tea. 

Have a nice day and I hope you enjoyed my review!


  1. Aww how cute <3 Keeps little teacups nice and warm ahha <3

  2. This looks like such a cute store! I ♥ how she packaged everything.