Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello! It's time for my Favorites. I really love Sheinside because they have a wide selection of one of a kind clothing and accessories. They have a wide selection of items that can fit any style. Not only that but, they also have free shipping worldwide! You can read my Sheinside review HERE

Dresses ♥

It's almost summer which means, dresses! I really love dresses and I think they're very cute. (even though I don't wear them often) Here are my favorite dresses from Sheinside

Here are some of my personal favorites. The first item that caught my eye was this super cute Pink Long Sleeve Chiffon Dress. The fabric looks really light and flowy and the details on the front of the dress are just gorgeous. I also really love the light pink color. The next dress that caught my eye was this really cute Black Sleeveless Collared Dress. I just really love the look of this dress especially, the sheer bottom and the pink collar. It's a very pretty dress and it's perfect for Spring! The White Sleeveless Bandeau Floral Tank Dress has been a Sheinside favorite of mine for a while. It has a 50's feel to it and it's just a very gorgeous dress. I legit drool over this dress every time I see it. When I first saw it I was a bit disappointed that it didn't come in my size but, it does now! I just wish I was the kind of person who wore pretty dresses like this, ugh. Seriously, I love this dress so much you have no idea. The next dress that I found to be really cute is the Pink Sleeveless Deer Print Chiffon Dress. I love the print and style of this dress. It also has a very casual feel to it so you can pretty much wear it for any occasion! The Blue Embroidery Denim Dress caught my eye a couple times, actually. I really like how the middle of the is kind of transparent, in a way. I think this dress would look amazing paired with a pair of white platform shoes. (too bad I don't have any...) It's a very pretty, casual dress and it's perfect for Summer and Spring time. The Black Half Sleeve Heart Print Dress has been a favorite of mine for a while, as well. I just personally, really love this dress. I love the print and the color just, everything. I'm sad that it's sold out, though! Hopefully it will be re-stocked soon. 

So, that's it for my favorite dresses. You can view Sheinside's other dresses HERE

Tops ♥

My favorite tops on Sheinside! I tried to pick tops that were good for this season. (no thick sweaters or anything yay) Lots of thin Pullovers and cute tops. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The first top I picked was this Mint Green Pullover. I know I said no sweaters but, it's mint! Mint is my favorite color and this pullover is perfect for those windy days. It also has a very laid back feel to it and I just really love the color, as well. The next top that caught my eye was this super cool White Lip Print Rivet T-Shirt.  I really like the print on this t-shirt and I really like the little rivets (studs or spikes) on this top as well. Very cool! The Asymmteric Hem Cat Top also caught my eye a few times. I'm not sure how I feel about the hem but, maybe you could tie the two ends together and pair is with some cute light blue high waist shorts? That'd be cute! I think the print is cute, too. The next top that caught my eye was this Pink Striped Loose Sweater because it just looks very light. Perfect for late night Summer days on the beach! I love the little pocket in the front, too. The last two items, I realyl want for myself, haha. I'm unsure if I should tell you guys about them hmmmm okay! The Light Blue Distressed Deer Jumper is so cute! I just love it. It looks really cute on the models on Sheinside and that's why I want it so badly, ahh!!! The next top is like a Sailor Top w/ Suspenders. (that's not really what it's called but shhh) Haha I really love this top because it's so casual and cute. I also love the suspenders attacked to the top so it gives the illusion that you're wearing suspenders hehe. 

So, those are my favorite tops. I hope you liked them! But if not, that's okay. You can view more of Sheinside's tops HERE

Bottoms ♥

Here are my favorite bottoms from Sheinside. They have all kinds of bottoms from printed leggings to, skirts and shorts and just all kinds of things! They're all very cute but I just picked a few that I really liked.

I picked the Denim Heart Print High Waist Shorts because of the hearts! They're really cute and how often do you see printed denim shorts? Never! Plus, they're high wasted and super adorable. ♥ The next item I picked was the Black Ghost Eyeball Skirt. It's just very creepy looking, in a good way. I've always been attracted to creepy things and eyeballs and stuff so naturally, I really like this skirt! The next item that caught my eye was this Black Drawstring Waist Ruffles Chiffon Skirt.  I really like this skirt because of the belt and the ruffles. The belt is in the shape of a bow and you all know how much I love bows! The hem of the skirt is kind of cloud shaped (clouds are fluffy and round that's all I can think to compare it to haha) and very cute! I love it.

If you want to view more of Sheinside's bottoms click HERE

I hope you enjoyed my Sheinside favorites and I hope you order from them, as well! 


Have a nice day, everyone. 

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