Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hi! I'm going to be reviewing an amazing etsy shop called Rara's Jewels. Rara's Jewels is an etsy shop that sells custom handmade accessories for kawaii and creepy cute styles. I have been meaning to review this shop for SO long and I just haven't gotten around to it. I finally got some pictures taken so, I can finally review this amazing shop. ♥

This is what my items came in. It's like a plastic type material with bubble wrap on the inside. I normally receive items from Rara's Jewels within a few days but, it all just really depends on where you live & the efficiency of your postal service. None of my items were damaged during shipping. ♥ 

Each of my items were in their own little baggys. I love that they come in these little bags because it makes it easier to store them. ^.^

I told Rachel that I was dying for these Angel Wing Heart Hair Clips because LOOK AT THEM. They're so cute and adorable and perfect wow. ; u ; I just knew I had to have them! Rachel was kind enough to send me them since we're close friends and stuff hehe. They're good quality and they didn't fall apart or anything like that which is great! I honestly adore Rara's Jewels for their amazing quality. 

There's an alligator clip attached to the back so that you can put it in your hair. I'm pretty sure it's glued on with some pretty heavy duty glue because it didn't fall off or anything. The product overall is in great condition and I really love it. ♥ It's going to be perfect for all my cutesy coords hehe. 

Rara's Jewels has these new HUGE resin necklaces and bone clips and accessories. Rachel sent me this Fairy Kei Heart & Bow Necklace. I love it because it is going to go so well with all my cutesy coords and fairy kei coords. and let me tell you, this necklace is HUGE! That's some serious kawaii bling, man. My camera doesn't do it justice. (The lighting in my house was really funky today wut) but it's like a really pastel pink and a cute lilac color. Very pastel and very cute! It's great quality, I don't see any flaws in the item, and I'm really happy with it! ♥

Lastly, Rachel also gave me goodies with my parcel. She sent a sweet little note which I love because it's always nice getting cute little letters with my parcels. She also sent me two of her new business cards which is great because tons of people always ask me where I get my things (when I'm out and about) so I can just give them a card, woo! She also sent some little cute sticker flakes and CANDY! I love candy and I swear with every order she sends me a bunch of candy and just wow I love candy. ♥ I love how she puts so much time and effort and love into her packages like, that really makes me happy and I'm always so impressed.

My collection is growing wahhh~ ; u ;