Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hello my little kawaii babies! I have a super cute review for you, today~! I'm going to be reviewing an online storenvy shop called Dolldelight. Dolldelight sells all kinds of cute things such as; apparel, shoes, and accessories. The owner Cyril, reblogged one of my photos and called me cute omg~! I was shocked because I had been a fan of hers for very long time. She caught me admiring her Kawaii Hime Bag and asked me if I would like one because she felt "it would match my pink-ness" hehe. Of course, I jumped at the chance to receive a gift from someone I've admired dearly. 

The items were shipped out on Monday and arrived the following day. Cyril only lives an hour or two away from me so, it arrived really fast! She shipped the bag from her home in California because she had them on hand. But usually, she ships from her international supplier. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping. 

Here it is~! The super cute Pink Kawaii Hime Bag. ♥ Everything was wrapped carefully in this sheer fabric, as well. I thought I took pictures but, my camera must've forgotten to save them to the memory card, ah! When I was done unwrapping everything there was so much bubble wrap and wrapping haha. It felt like I was opening up presents on Christmas, okay. lol

Kawaii Hime Bag (Pink)

I feel like it's important that the color in the stock photo on the site isn't the same in person. It's just a little bit darker but that could be due to the difference in lighting/camera quality etc. Either way, I don't mind! I just felt that it was important that I mention the colors of the item in person may vary from the colors in the stock photos. 

Inside, there was more bubble wrap! This way, when your purse arrives it's not flat. Also, it keeps the inside of your purse protected so, yay!

After I removed the bubble wrap from my purse I realized there was an attachable/detachable strap. 

The strap is also adjustable so, you can make it really long or really short. Whichever you prefer.~

Here's how I chose to coordinate my purse! I honestly don't have too many pink outfits so, I decided to focus on the beige color, instead. I think it came out pretty well. c:

Another thing I feel like I should mention is, when I first got it I put it in my room and my whole room had like a weird smell to it. Kind of like the smell of new shoes haha. So, if you can try to air it out a bit or something. 

Overall, I am very happy with my purse! It is great quality and definitely worth the price. You could coordinate it with anything (I just lack fashionable skills ehhh ; , ; ) and it is just so cute~! ♥ 

She also sent me some extra goodies! ^ o ^ She sent me 3 HUGE pastel bows. They're like, bigger than my head omg. I haven't had a chance to take photos with them yet but, I promise I will soon! 

Special thanks to Cyril for the super cute gifts! I appreciate your kindness and I hope we can become good friends. c: 

I hope you all enjoyed this review~! 

You can find all these items and more HERE

Use the code pastelcutie at checkout and receive 15% off selected items! ♥


  1. That bag is so cute! I'm tempted to buy one now! :O

    1. You sshould! ^o^ Also use the code "pastelcutie" for 15% off! ♥

  2. Wow wow wow!!!
    The bag looks so cute!
    What's not to like with a pink bag and a bow?
    Dolldelight is so kind to send you gifts. I'm also a big fan of her.