Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey cuties! My friend Andrea was kind enough to buy me a 50cm Amuse Arpakasso from ArpakassosshopHK on Storenvy. (She spoils me so much! ♥) I have not seen too many reviews on this shop so, I thought I would write one for anyone who might be interested in buying from this shop but, wasn't sure if they should.

My parcel arrived about 1-2 weeks after it was shipped. It took an estimated one and a half weeks to ship from Hong Kong to California. (Not bad for international shipping!) It came in this huge package made of thick paper. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping. ♥

My arpakasso was wrapped tightly in a plastic bag, as well. (poor baby ; o ; ) 

Here is my baby! Well, not really a baby but~ I chose this arpakasso because I've always wanted a big arpakasso plush and, could never afford one. My friend was sweet enough to buy this cutie for me (for no reason other than she loves me haha) and I was really really happy! 

My arpakasso is approx. 50cm tall ^_^ ♥

When I first told people that I was getting an arpakasso from ArpakassoshopHK a few were concerned because they heard that ASHK sells replicas or "knock offs" and not the original Amuse Alpacasso brand. I compared the tag on my new arpakasso to the one on my little arpakasso from Rosy's Garden. From what I understand, Rosy's Garden sells 100% authentic Amuse Arpakassos and the labels match so, I'd say my arpakasso is authentic, as well. Personally, I don't really care if my items are replicas or name brand because replicas give people a chance to buy things that they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. As long as the quality is what I paid for, then that's all I care about. But like I said, I'm pretty sure my arpakasso is authentic. (for those of you who were wondering)

Look at my new arpakasso compared to my mint baby arpakasso *sobs* ♥ 

Overall, I am very very happy with my item! It was honestly a steal for the price. The original price was $35 (before shipping) and the total came to about $45. That price still isn't bad considering the size. Special thanks to my bby Andrea for the gift. ilysm :* ♥ 

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  1. I really want to buy an Arpakasso, they're adorable!

  2. To my eyes, your Gorgeous alpaca looks fake. :(
    First of all, he came without paper tags. Second, the store listing on ASHK shows only an Amuse stock image and an edited picture of knockoffs. Finally, his cloth tag does not match his series. His butt tag is for the Spring Hat series and should instead say 'Gorgeous Arpakasso' on it.
    He does look very real though! His ribbon is even the right colour, which is something a lot of knock offs get wrong.
    Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows to be wary when buying from ASHK no mater how real the paca looks.

    1. I guess so ;o; Good thing I don't care about brands though~ All I care about is I get what it's worth and I believe I got that. ^.^

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