Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hello everyone! I have another review from Sheinside for you all, today. Sheinside is an online store that sells clothing, accessories, beauty products, and more. Sheinside sells items for every style and they also have many items to choose from. Sheinside also has free worldwide shipping! For more information on Sheinside you can check out my latest review on their store HERE. ♥ 

My item came in a plastic parcel. It arrived about 10 days after it was shipped which is good considering it was shipped from China. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping. 

My item came in this plastic zip-lock baggy. I love the little bags that they use because I can re-use them to store wigs and other things. 

White Sleeveless Cat Face Print Bow Dress

The item that I chose was the White Sleeveless Cat Face Dress. This dress is so cute! Once I saw it, I knew I had to have it for myself. I've seen this dress many times as well and I am so in love with it. It's sold out right now but, Sheinside may re-stock it in the future.

One thing about Sheinside is, it's important to measure yourself so that you can make sure the item is going to fit. You can buy a tape measure at any dollar store for really cheap. 

The measurements are as follows:


Bust: 80cm
Length: 81cm


Bust: 84cm
Length: 82cm


Bust: 88cm
Length: 83cm

The size I got was a size large because my bust is 90cm and the length from my shoulders to above the knee is about 80cm. I was worried that it was going to fit a bit too long but, it fits perfectly!

So cuuute! I like the fabric, too. It's very soft and the dress also has a silk lining on the inside. The dress is very comfortable. Although the dress has a lining, be mindful of what color your under garments are because they show up, a bit. My friend pointed out that she could see the pattern on mine and I was like "oopsie" haha. 

The cat face on the dress isn't cheaply printed on so, I don't have to worry about it peeling off. The bow comes with a pin on the back so, it's detachable. I just prefer to leave the bow because it looks cute! 

Overall, I am very happy with my item. It's good quality and it is very flattering on me. 

I give this item 5 stars! 

I also created a lookbook for my daily outfits! 

I hope you enjoyed this review/OOTD (Outfit of the Day!). Be sure to check out Sheinside's super cute products!

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