Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online storenvy shop called Insomnium Wigs. ^_^ Insomnium Wigs sells wigs, wig accessories, apparel, and beauty products. I've been looking for a good wig shop to review since I get most of my wigs from eBay so, I contacted Insomnium Wigs and asked if it would be possible for them to sponsor me a wig to review. They replied and said that they'd be glad to send me a wig from their shop to review.

This is the package that my wig came in. It's made of plastic but, nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping. The wig too about 2 weeks to arrive which is pretty average shipping time for most of my wigs. 

When I took the plastic envelope off this is what I saw. The wig is in a plastic zip-lock baggy with some piece of cardboard which I assume is there so that the wig doesn't go flat and of course, the wig itself. The wig I'm going to be reviewing today is called Royalty.

The wig was also wrapped in a thin netting so that it doesn't get tangled or anything.

The inside of the wig also had a lot of balled up paper to help keep the shape of the wig and also keep it from going flat.

The netting on the inside of the wig is very well made! It's not some cheap stretchy netting which is a good thing because that means the wig is going to last a lot longer!

Okay so, people ask me all the time "How do you keep your wigs from falling off?" Well, on the inside of the wig there are there two elastic bands with hooks on the ends. There's also 7 loops on the inside of the wig. What you do is, you take the hooks and you put them in the loops depending on how tight you want the wig to be. I usually put the hook on the 3rd loop on each side and leave the middle loop open. The only bad thing about putting your wig on really tight is, it might give you a headache after a while but, I'd rather have a little headache than risk my wig flying off haha.

The color of this wig is gorgeous! The listing on the product said brown but, I just crossed my fingers and hoped that the color would be closer to the stock photo which appears to be a a dark-ish purple. I was really happy when I saw that the wig wasn't brown. It's a dark purple in natural like and a bit of a light purple in the sunlight. The only thing I was unsatisfied with was the fact that the wig did not come with a wig cap. All of my previous wigs came with a wig cap so, luckily I have extras. If this is your first time purchasing a wig, I suggest you purchase a wig cap off eBay, just in case!

This is what the wig looks like on me. I'm not sure the wig suits me but overall, it is a very beautiful wig. It's very full and it looks really natural, as well. The quality of the wig is really great! I think that if I do my makeup a bit darker and style the wig it will look better on me. ^_^  If you'd like to see more photos of the wig you can check my tagged/me on Tumblr. [click!]

Product Quality: /5
Shipping: /5
Customer Satisfaction: /5 

If you have any questions about wigs feel free to message me on Tumblr

Special thanks to Insomnium Wigs for giving me the opportunity to review this super gorgeous wig! I hope I am able to purchase from their store, soon. Be sure to check out their shop, as well. They have really amazing wigs as well as other cute products. 

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  1. I love this wig! It's such a nice color^^

  2. I absolutely loved your wig and am planning to get a similar one. I've looked for several online stores and found a few in the stores of Elevate Styles... Thanks for the post.

  3. Omggg so gorgeous! I was going to see if they sponsor people and came across this blog! 💗