Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm here with another review from SheinsideSheinside is an online store that sells clothing, accessories, beauty products, and more. Sheinside sells items for every style and they also have many items to choose from which is why it's one of my favorite online stores. They add new items to their store on a daily basis and Sheinside also has free worldwide shipping! For more information on Sheinside you can check out my latest review on their store HERE. ♥

My item was shipped on August 20th and it arrived on August 28th. The estimated shipping time is 3-15 business days after the item is shipped so, my parcel arrived right on time!  I was also given a tracking number so that I could keep track of my parcel at all times. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

My item came in sealed plastic wrapping. However, I noticed that when I opened it there were little like, crumbs or something inside. They must've gotten in there by accident so, I just shook them off. Thankfully, they didn't leave any marks on my item! Other than that, there wasn't anything majorly wrong with it.

This is slightly irrelevant but, I really wanted to show you guys the tag on the inside of the sweater because it's so cute! ♥

Pink Long Sleeve Barbie Print Casual Sweatshirt

Now, onto the item! The item I chose was the Pink Barbie Print Long Sleeve Sweatshirt. I picked this item because it reminded me a lot of my childhood. I had Barbie's growing up and the print and colors just brought all the memories back. It's also very 90's retro style which I love so, I knew I just had to have it! This is a very popular item on Sheinside. I believe it sold out within the first few weeks of it being stocked. Luckily, it's been re-stocked so, hurry and purchase one before it sells out, again! 

This item only comes in one size. The measurements are as follows;

Shoulder: 45cm
Bust: 100cm
Length: 64cm
Sleeve: 61cm

It's very very important that you measure yourself before purchasing anything on Sheinside so that you can ensure that your item will fit properly. Most one size sweatshirts on Sheinside fit me because I'm pretty small but, I always measure myself just in case! 

The print on my sweatshirt is very well done. It's not cheaply printed on or anything it's a part of the sweatshirt itself. Like I said before, I love the whole 90's feel of it and it is now one of my favorite sweatshirts! I love it sooo much.

Overall I give the item /5 stars!

I am incredibly happy with my item and I couldn't find any major flaws in the item, or anything. I recommend this super cute sweatshirt to anyone who loves the 90's and had a soft spot for Barbie or anything pastel. 

You can purchase this item HERE. Be sure to purchase as soon as possible because this item is very popular and it sells out fast!

I paired my super cute Barbie Sweatshirt with my confetti party tights and my Maxstar platform shoes. I am extremely happy that I was able to wear my confetti party tights again because they're so cute and they go perfectly with my new sweatshirt! You can find this outfit & more on my lookbook.

Thank you all for reading and thank you Sheinside for always giving me the opportunity to express myself while wearing you're amazing clothes.  If you have any questions about Sheinside you can read any of my previous reviews or you can ask me on tumblr

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