Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hello everyone Today I'm going to be reviewing an online circle lens store called Geo Coloured Lenses. Geo Coloured Lenses was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide easy to use, comfortable circle lenses. All of their lenses are authentic Geo brand and they are certified and approved by the USA FDA . You can learn more about Geo Coloured Circle Lenses HERE

Geo Coloured Circle Lenses provides free international shipping! My parcel was shipped on August 13th and it arrived on August 26th. The estimated shipping time is 7-15 working days which is average for international shipping times. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

Inside the package there was a circle lens case, a wear and care guide, and a business card with a QR code to receive free vouchers. The wear and care guide is very helpful but, if it is your first time wearing circle lenses I recommend you do more research online, for your safety. For more information on caring for your lenses CLICK HERE. Of course, the circle lens case is essential because you need to store your lenses somewhere, right? You will  also receive a circle lens case with your purchase.

Each of my lenses comes in these glass bottles that contain sterile solution. As you can see, the authentic Geo brand label is on the bottles. You can scratch the grey area on the sticker to see if your lenses are authentic. I did that, and of course my lenses are authentic Geo brand lenses, yay! 

You can purchase your lenses with prescription, as well. I have to order my lenses with prescription because without my prescription, I can't see anything. I'm really glad that I'm able to purchase my lenses with my prescription. Please note that circle lenses aren't recommended for everyday wear. Also, be sure to never wear your lenses longer than 8 hours as, this may cause damage to your eyes.

You need to be really careful when opening up the bottles. If you can, have an adult help you. On the top of the bottle (where the metal part is) You'll see an arrow pointing up. Push that up and it will look like the photo above. Then, carefully Pull the metal part off. It also might be easier if you use scissors. Then, just take the top off. 

The lenses I'll be reviewing today are Geo Super Magic XCK-105


Power Range: 0.00 - 10.00

Diameter: 14.8

Base Curve Radius: 8.6

Water Content: 38 - 42%

One year disposal.

Like I said before, the solution in the glass bottles is only temporary so that you're lenses do not dry out. You need to purchase all purpose contact lens solution. It costs about $5 at any local drug store but, if you don't have any drug stores near you, you can also check stores like Wal-mart.

Make sure you soak your lenses in all purpose contact lens solution for at least 8 hours before wearing them. Be sure to handle your circle lenses with clean hands and soak them after every use. It's recommended that you throw them out after 4 months if you wear them regularly and they start to cause dryness.

No circle lenses.

One circle lens.

Both lenses with makeup. 

Sorry for the super awkward close-ups. As you can see, the enlargement on these lenses is amazing! They are really noticeable on my eyes and they blend in very well. They're honestly the most comfortable pair of lenses I have ever owned. I could hardly feel them and they didn't cause any irritation to my eyes, at all. 

Color: imageimageimageimageimage/5

Comfort: imageimageimageimageimage/5

Enlargement: imageimageimageimageimage/5

Overall: imageimageimageimageimage/5

I would highly recommend Geo Coloured Circle Lenses to all first time and existing circle lens users. The color and enlargement is great, the quality is the best I've ever experienced, and they're extremely comfortable. 

If you have any questions about circle lenses feel free to message me

Also be sure to check out Geo Coulored Lenses on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram @geolens, and Pinetrest.


  1. Wow they really do enlarge a ton!! I recently bought from them, I juts need my sensitive eyes to get accustomed to lenses hehe!

    1. Don't they? Ahh ik what you mean! But these are seriously sososo comfortable I can't even feel them. ^ o ^