Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hi cuties! I have been really excited to review Dolly Dynamite (a.k.a Dolldelight)!  Dolly Dynamite is an online storenvy shop that sells apparel, shoes, accessories and more. I am absolutely in love with this shop and I hope that after reading this review, you are too. ^_^ 

My item arrived approximately two weeks after it was shipped from China. That's about average time for international shipping. My item was wrapped in a plastic envelope. Nothing was damaged during shipping.

The item I'm going to be reviewing today are the Heart Creeper Platform Shoes in White. The shoes came in this shoe box. Although the box appeared to be a bit dented, the shoes were not damaged.

The shoes were wrapped in a thin fabric-like material and inside the box there was bits of potpourri. 

Potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plants that are used to make a gentle natural scent within homes or buildings. However, the fragrance that the potpourri gave off was really disgusting. It made my living room smell like gasoline, or something. I threw them away immediately and let my house air out for a couple of hours and then the smell disappeared. The shop owner let me know that the item might smell a little off beforehand so, I knew what to expect.

Here are my gorgeous Heart Platform Creepers in White. As you can see, my creepers have hearts on both the front of the shoe and the sides of the shoe which looks incredibly cute! I chose this specific style and color-way because I wear a lot of darker clothing and these shoes will add a bit of cute to my coordinates. 

My creepers are platform shoes that measure approximately 7CM tall and the platform of the shoe measures approximately 4CM. I've been wearing these shoes for the past few days and they're really comfortable. They don't cause me any discomfort and they're pretty easy to walk in. (even for someone as clumsy as I am) The shoes aren't heavy or anything which is really nice. 

They're comfortable and they fit me really well. I'm usually a US shoe size 6.5-7 but, they don't have a size 7 so, I got a size 7.5 Although I got these shoes a half size bigger, I'm glad I did because they fit a lot more comfortably and I can move around in them a lot better. I actually think my feet have grown a bit so honestly, I'm more of a U.S size 7. So, if I were you I'd probably go a half size bigger so that it isn't super uncomfortable when it's time to break them in. 

These are my first pair of creepers and I absolutely love them. I didn't find anything wrong with the shoes other than there were a couple black marks on them (probably from the sole of the shoe) but, they rubbed off really easily. I give Dolly Dynamite 

/5 stars 

I absolutely adore these shoes so much and there wasn't anything major wrong with them, at all. If you're looking for a good pair of creepers you should really check out this shop because her selection of creepers is absolutely amazing! You can purchase these gorgeous shoes HERE. I hope you enjoyed this review; thanks for reading! ♥

Use the code "pastelcutie" at checkout for 15% off your purchase! 
*Excluding sale items and handmade Dolldelight items*

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