Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello cuties! I'm here with another review from Geo Coloured Lenses. I was really excited when I received an e-mail from them asking if I would be interested in reviewing another pair of their lenses because I was really satisfied with the previous pair of lenses that I reviewed for them. You can read my previous review HERE. ♥ 

They asked if I would like to review a pair of lenses from their new GEO Eyescream Series and I said yes because the colors are really adorable!

Geo Coloured Circle Lenses provides free international shipping! My package arrived 7-15 business days after it was shipped which is average for international shipping times. I was also given a tracking number. Everything arrived safely and nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

Inside the package there was a circle lens case, a wear and care guide, and a business card with a QR code to receive free vouchers. The wear and care guide is very helpful but, if it is your first time wearing circle lenses I recommend you do more research online, just to be safe. For more information on caring for your lenses CLICK HERE. Of course, the circle lens case is essential because you need to store your lenses somewhere, right? You will  also receive a circle lens case with your purchase.

Each of my lenses comes in these glass bottles that contain sterile solution. I also took a picture of the front of the bottles because I thought the label was cute. As you can see, the authentic Geo brand label is on the bottles. You can scratch the grey area on the sticker to see if your lenses are authentic. I did that, and of course my lenses are authentic Geo brand lenses. All of their lenses are authentic Geo brand and they are certified and approved by the USA FDA. 

You can purchase your lenses with prescription, as well. But, a lot of their colored lenses do not come in prescription which I realized after browsing their site for a while. I have to order my lenses with prescription because without my prescription, I can't see anything. I'm really glad that I'm able to purchase my lenses with my prescription. Please note that circle lenses aren't recommended for everyday wear. Also, be sure to never wear your lenses longer than 8 hours as, this may cause permanent damage to your eyes. I personally never wear my lenses longer than 5 hours because my eyes become dry and irritated after that. I'm sure if you were to use eye drops that wouldn't happen, though.

Please, be really careful when opening the bottles. There's a metal seal on the bottles and if you aren't careful, you can hurt yourself. If you can, have an adult help you. On the top of the bottle (where the metal part is) You'll see an arrow pointing up. Push that up and it will look like the photo above. Then, carefully Pull the metal part off. It also might be easier if you use scissors. Then, just take the rubber top off. 

The solution in the glass bottles is only temporary and is used to keep your lenses from drying out. You need to purchase all purpose contact lens solution. It costs about $5 at any local drug store but, if you don't have any drug stores near you, you can also check stores like Wal-mart or Target. 

The lenses I chose to review are the Geo Eyescream Chocomousse XMU-A16. I chose this color because I really liked how it looked on the model. I also wanted a really natural lens to wear on a semi-regular basis. Make sure you soak your lenses in all purpose contact lens solution for at least 8 hours before wearing them. Be sure to handle your circle lenses with clean hands and soak them after every use. It's recommended that you throw them out after 4 months if you wear them regularly and they start to cause dryness. 


Power Range: 0.00-8.00

Diameter: 14.5mm

Base Curve Radius: 8.7

Water Content: 38-42%

1 year disposal.

No lenses.

One lens. (right eye)

Both lenses with makeup.

The enlargement on these lenses is minimal. But, as I said before I wanted more natural looking lenses. The dark brown color blends into my eyes really well and they look very natural. They only caused slight irritation and dryness after I wore them for over 5 hours. Other than that, they're very comfortable and I could hardly feel them.

These lenses gave me a bit of a dolly look which, I love. They're easy on the eyes and really cute. These lenses are my second pair of lenses from Geo Coloured Circle Lenses and I can honestly say that Geo Coloured Circle Lenses is now one of my favorite circle lens stores for authentic Geo brand lenses.

Color: /5 stars

Comfort: /5 stars

Enlargement: /5 stars

Overall: /5 stars

If you have any questions about circle lenses feel free to message me

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  1. This series is so very cute! ♥
    Also have a pair coming, but in a different colour, can't wait to get them! ^^

    The doll-like look is very adorable on you!

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  2. The series looks so cute ~♥ I really like how natural this looks :D
    I really want to order this pair too :D I love the wig you're wearing and how dolly you look ♥ It's awesome :o


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  4. I love these lenses ^^

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