Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello cuties! I have a super cute review for you today~! All of the items in this review are sponsored by Sheinside in an online store that sells apparel, accessories, beauty products and more. Sheinside has tons of affordable clothing for your unique and personal style. They add new items to their store on a daily basis and it is called the "Daily New" section of their site. Another really cool think about Sheinside is they offer free worldwide shipping because international shipping costs can be really expensive. But, this way no one has to pay outrageous shipping costs no matter where they live! Feel free to read my most recent review on Sheinside HERE. ♥ 

My order took a little bit longer than usual to process because the first week or so of October postage in China was inactive due to holidays. Other than that, the shipping time was pretty standard. My items shipped  on October 9th and the arrived on the 17th. So, it total my items took about a week to arrive (if you don't count non-business days) which is decent for international shipping. My items arrived via DHL which is a shipping service in China. I was given a tracking number so I knew a few days before my items were going to arrive. The reason I like DHL is because I have to sign for my items. I've lost items before because USPS would just leave the parcel on my doorstep and people would steal them. So, this way DHL ensures that I'm going to get my items which is really great!

Each of my items came in their own ziplock bag. I really like that they come in ziplock bags because I can re-use them to store other things (wigs, makeup, accessories etc.) There's also a Sheinside logo on the bags which looks really neat & professional. I was able to pick a total of 4 items which made me really happy!

The first item that I picked was this Beige Deer Print Pullover. The reason I picked this is because I thought it'd be a really cute sweater to wear once it starts to get a bit colder outside! (I want it to be cold nowwww) and it also has Bambi on it and I really love Disney's Bambi. It's such a cute sweater and it's really good quality. I couldn't find any flaws in the item which is great. I suppose the only downfall is the sweater only comes in "One Size" bit it fits me perfectly so, that's good! [Click here to view the measurements of this item.] This is now one of my favorite sweaters and I can tell I'm going to be wearing it a lot.

I give this item /5 Stars!

The next item that I chose was this amazing Black PU Leather Motorcycle Jacket. Ever since I saw this jacket on Sheinside I knew I had to have it because I just totally fell in love with it. It's going to get colder, soon and I really wanted a (PU) leather moto jacket. It makes me feel so rad and I just love it so much. The jacket comes in more than one size (thankfully) so I got a size medium because I felt like it was closer to my measurements. [Click here to view the measurements of this item.] Now, about the jacket. Usually PU leather jackets, skirts, shorts etc tend to feel really thin and just poor quality. BUT this jacket is so thick and cozy and it really is such good quality. 

This jacket has decent sized pockets which I really like because on most women's clothing the pockets are really small and that makes me sad. :c I also like how this jacket has zippers on the cuffs because it looks super cool! I tried out all of the zippers on this jacket and none of them got stuck or anything which is good. You can see in the close-ups that the jacket is really thick and the leather doesn't even look fake to be honest.

Another really cool thing about this jacket is you're given the option to buckle it in the front (or not~) It doesn't really have a purpose, I don't think. But, it does look really cool! (I'm sorry this picture is so bright....) This item is literally my favorite clothing piece in my closet right now. I love it sooo much and it's such good quality. I really recommend it to anyone who's looking for a cool jacket for the colder months.

Overall I give this item /5 Stars!

The next item I picked was this Black PU Leather Flare Skirt. I picked this item because I'm always wanted a PU leather skirt because I think they look really cool! This item comes in more than one size which is great but, I think the measurements are slightly off. [Click here to view the measurements of this item.] I ordered a size medium because my waist is approximately 70CM. The waist measurements on a size medium are 65-78CM which I don't think is completely accurate in my case because it was pretty tight around my waist even though there's elastic. So, if you want to purchase this item make sure you get the correct measurements. Always measure yourself before purchasing anything from Sheinside so that you can ensure that the items will fit you. The skirt is just a little bit tight on me but it's not too bad. The skirt isn't really thick but it isn't really thin, either. It'd be good as a layering piece like with tights or thigh highs or something.

Also, the zipper that's on the side of the skirt got stuck. It zips up all the wary top where the elastic is. My sister and I both tried to pull it up but it wouldn't budge. So, that made me a little sad. If anyone knows how to make zippers that are stuck become not stuck please let me know! 

I hope you guys don't mind but, I had my sister model the skirt for me.~ (She's much better at posing than I am haha) The skirt looks so cute on her, too! I personally don't care for the shape of it too much but I'm sure with the right accessories it will look super cute. Besides the fact that the sipper getting stuck, I think this is such a cute skirt and it's such a good piece for Fall. You can also purchase that Bart Simpson Sweater HERE. It's one of my favorite sweaters and I wear it a lot! (If you follow me on instagram I'm sure you've seen it in a lot of my outfit posts.)

Overall I give this item /5 Stars!

The next and last item that I'm going to be talking about today is this super cute White Cat Face Print Sweater. This sweater is so adorable and I've stumbled across it a few times and I always thought it was super cute but at the time, it was too hot for sweaters. So, this time around I finally got it and I am really glad I did! It's such a cute sweater and the print is really good quality. It also looks like it's painted on or something. It's such a thick and cozy sweater which is going to be perfect for the Winter months. The collar is pretty loose which is good because I dislike collars that I really tight because I feel like I'm choking or something... so ya that's good! It's so fluffy and soft on the inside. I think the inner material is fleece or something so, it's so cozy and warm. This sweater comes in "One Size" but to be honest, it's pretty baggy. [Click here to view the measurements of this item.]

(Why is this photo so dark ahhh...)

Another thing that I really really love about this sweater is it has pockets!!! As I said before, a lot of women's clothing doesn't have pockets so this made me really happy. (I'm weird and I like pockets ok.) So, that's something I really liked about this sweater. 

I decided to dress up as a cat to match my outfit and I felt super cute~! I really love this sweater and I recommend it to all cat lovers out there. 

Overall, I give this item /5 Stars!

I give Sheinside /5 Stars! 

I'm really happy with my items and they're going to be absolutely perfect for the colder months. They're also casual but, cute which I really like since most of the things I wear are a bit outspoken haha.  I really hope you liked this review. Big thank you to Sheinside for sending me all of these super cute clothes. You'll forever be one of my favorite online clothing stores! Also, thank you to those of you who took the time to read this review. I put a lot of time and effort into these reviews so, it means a lot to me~!

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  1. The clothes you got look so nice >u< It's awesome you get to review their clothes! :D I just ordered a while back there too hehe