Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello cuties! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online Etsy shop called Sorayraya. The owner, Soraya sells custom decoden phone cases and accessories. Soraya asked me if I'd like to review one of her phone cases and I said yes because her cases are really unique/cute! What I really love about her shop is she can make custom cases for almost any device. I use an iPhone5C for my instagram photos (@pastelcutie) and their aren't too many cases for the model I have, yet. So, I was really surprised when Soraya said she could make me a custom decoden case for the phone I have!

My package was shipped on November 11th from the U.K. and it arrived on the 18th in the U.S. The package was a little ripped on the outside but, nothing on the inside of the package was damaged so. that's good! My phone case was inside a bubble wrapped envelope.

The phone case was also wrapped in this foam paper. I really appreciate the effort she put into protecting my case because it helped my case arrive undamaged!

When Soraya asked me whan I wanted on my case I told her that I wanted it to have my little pony on it, and I asked her to make it as pink and cute as possible. As you can see, she added all of the things to my phone case that I wanted her to. The details are really cute and I am honestly SO happy with my new phone case. She also used a gloss varnish finish (clear coating) on my case which is really great because the pieces won't fall off as easy as they normally would. The pieces on the case are really sturdy but, I suggest you treat your case with love and care. ♥

Another thing that is really great is, Soraya sent me extra pieces in case any of them do fall off. The only concern I had was, she taped it to the inside of the case so, when I went to take off the tape the baggy ripped and the pieces went flying. It took me a while to find them all again but, luckily I did! Either way, I'm really grateful that she sent extra decoden pieces just in case I may need them.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my new phone case. Soraya incorporated everything that I wanted into my phone case. It's a good quality phone case and I am extremely satisfied with it! It fits my phone perfectly, as well. (I forgot to take photos of it on my phone oops...) But, it went on really easy and wasn't super hard to put on, at all. I give Soraya's shop a 10/10. If you're looking for a super cute phone case, I highly recommend this shop!

Thank you Soraya, for making me such a beautiful case. ♥

Thank you all for reading, love you! <3

Also, you can use the code PASTELCUTIE10 at checkout for 10% off your order!


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