Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm here with another super cute review from SheinsideSheinside is an online store that sells clothing, accessories, beauty products, and more! Sheinside has affordable items for every style and they also have many items to choose from which is why it's one of my favorite online stores. They add new items to their store on a daily basis and Sheinside also has free worldwide shipping! For more information on Sheinside, you can check out my latest review on their store HERE. ♥ All of the items in this review are sponsored by ^_^

My items arrived about a week after they were shipped which is pretty standard for international shipping times. I was given a tracking number and everything but, I honestly didn't keep track of my package. So, I can't really give you exact dates on when it shipped & when they arrived. But, I assure you everything arrived in a decent amount of time and nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping so, that's good!

Each of my items were wrapped in a plastic baggy. The only problem with this is, sometimes the items can get wrinkled. But, considering it was shipped all the way from China, it's bound to have gotten tossed around a bit. As long as you have an iron or a steamer (or if you don't mind wrinkles) you should be fine! Sheinside was kind enough to let me pick four items to review for you guys!

The first item I picked was this White Sweets Printed Sweatshirt. I chose this item because it's super cute and it has so many yummy foods printed all over it.~ The print is very lifelike, it honestly looks like you could pick up the food and eat it! (Please don't eat it, though. Haha)  I'm not 100% sure what the sweater is made of since they edited their site a bit but, I'm pretty sure it's a cotton blend. It's super soft, comfortable, and thin enough to wear on warmer days which is fabulous since I live in California and it's usually pretty warm, here. This sweater only comes in one size! [Click here to view the full measurements.] Always measure yourself before ordering any clothing online so that you can make sure that the item is going to fit you! It's kind of short so, this sweater is probably best when paired with high waist jeans, shorts, or a skirt. You can view customer photos [here] for ideas on how to style it.

This sweater is so cute and comfortable, I love it! It's one of my favorite items throughout all of the items I'm going to be reviewing today. It's so random but, cute and it's exactly my style which is why I love it so much. 

I give this item 5 stars!

The next item I chose was this really cute Black Cat Print Sweater. I chose this sweater because it's really adorable and I love the print. It's really light and comfortable and I believe it may be made out of polyester. It's really thin & soft so, I think that's what it's made of. Or it may be made of cotton blends, I'm not for certain. This sweater is very casual yet, trendy so you'll look cute no matter where you go! I absolutely love this sweater so much! I couldn't find any flaws in it, at all. This sweater only comes in one size! [Click here to view the full measurements.] Even though this sweater only comes in one size, it's a little baggy which I love since I usually pair my sweaters with leggings. It's the perfect size/length and everything!

Overall I give this item  5 stars!

Now, the reason I added "New Things" to the title of this blog post is because I tried a new/different style. It's nothing too extreme, it's just a little different from what I usually wear. It's more casual and feminine which usually isn't my style. But, I really wanted to try something new, different, and exciting!

I'm not a real girly girl so, I don't wear dresses very often. But, I had this idea for an outfit that I thought would be so cute and I just had to try it! This Pink Deer Print Chiffon Dress is so cute and adorable. It's made of chiffon which can tend to feel a bit thin/cheap but, this dress also has a lining underneath so, it feels really comfortable. This dress comes in more than one size so, I got a medium. It's just above my knee so, I got the perfect size! As always, make sure to measure yourself before purchasing any clothing online! [Click here to view the full measurements.]

On the site, it says the dress is pink but, the color is more beige. I'm fine with this since I planned on pairing it with a beige cardigan, anyway. Other than that, I didn't find any flaws within the item. It's very cute and although it isn't my usual style it suits me pretty well! 

Overall I give this item 4 stars!

I chose to pair the Pink Deer Print Chiffon Dress with this really cute Long Sleeve Beige Cardigan. This cardigan is made of cotton blends and it comes in one size. [Click here to view the full measurements.] This cardigan is extremely comfortable and it's thick, as well. Honestly, in the stock photo it doesn't look like it'd be super thick/warm but it really is! 

What I really love about this cardigan is the wooden buttons. I just think they're very vintage style and you don't really see wooden buttons on clothing anymore so, I just really love it.

Another thing that I really love about this cardigan is the PU leather elbow patches. It is also a very vintage style and you don't really see elbow patches, anymore. I really love the whole vintage vibe that this cardigan has. It's absolutely adorable and so comfy. It's perfect for the colder months here in San Diego! 
I am absolutely smitten with this cardigan; I have to give it 5 stars!

Even though this is a bit more casual than my usual style, it came out really cute and I was really happy with it! I want to keep trying out different styles because it's really fun and you can definitely find out more about yourself, too!

Overall, I am extremely happy with the items that I got from Sheinside. Thank you guys so much for reading and thank you Sheinside for giving me the opportunity to review your super cute clothes!

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