Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello cuties! I'm here with another review from SheinsideSheinside is an online store that sells clothing, accessories, beauty products, and more! Sheinside has affordable items for every style and they also have many items to choose from and they add new items daily so, there's always something new on their site! Sheinside also has free worldwide shipping! For more information on Sheinside, you can check out my latest review on their store HERE. ♥ All of the items in this review are sponsored by Sheinside.com ^_^

My package arrived a little over two weeks after it was shipped which is average time for international shipping. It was shipped using DHL which, I like because it's more secure than USPS shipping. Since, DHL has you sign for your package versus leaving it on the doorstep like USPS has done to me a couple of times. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

Sheinside was kind enough to allow me to pick four items to review for you guys! Each item was individually wrapped in plastic keeping the items safe from dust and moisture. They were also folded neatly and nothing was damaged despite the fact that, it shipped all the way from China to the U.S.A in California.

The first item that I chose to review was this White  Short Sleeve GEEK Printed Crop Top. I absolutely love this top! It's very simple yet, trendy at the same time. Although the listing says it's a "Crop Top" it fits me more like a tee shirt. (probably because I'm short lol) Even though it isn't technically a crop top, I still love it. It's very comfortable and lightweight. 

What I really love about this top is the word "GEEK" is printed on with a soft velvet like material. It's soft to the touch and I wasn't expecting that so, I was very surprised! This top only comes in one size so please be sure to measure yourself before purchasing. Click here to view the full measurements. Overall, I am really happy with this item and I couldn't find any flaws whatsoever. 

I give this item /5 stars!

the next item that I'm going to be reviewing this this Blue Long Sleeve Rivet Cropped Denim Jacket. This jacket is good quality and thick enough to keep me warm on the colder days here in California. It's very comfortable and perfect for layering clothing. 

Now, the only thing that I found to be a bit bothersome about this product was the fact that there was no holes to put the buttons inside of. A lot of Sheinside's items are like this so, I usually just cut the holes myself using a box cutter. You can use a box cutter, scissors, or something along those lines. If you can, have an adult help you so that you don't accidentally hurt yourself! After I cut the holes the buttons fit perfectly and were very sturdy so, yay!

What really drew me to this jacket was the rivets (/or spikes) along the upper back. In the front, it's just a simple denim jacket and then you turn around and BAM! Super trendy and amazing spikes! The rivets on the back are good quality and none have fallen off in the couple times that I have worn it so, that's good. As I said before, this jacket is good quality and I am extremely happy with it! Please be sure to measure yourself before purchasing this item so that you can ensure that it's going to fit you, properly! Click here to view the full measurements

Overall, I give this amazing jacket  /5 stars!

The next item that I chose to review was this amazing Black Skeleton Hand Print Sweatshirt. I chose this sweater because of the offensive print. It's a little funny too and it definitely catches people's attention. Haha The print on the sweatshirt is good quality and I LOOOVE how soft this sweater is on the inside! This sweater is super warm and cozy; I honestly didn't want to take it off. It fits me really big but, I love big baggy sweaters. I believe this sweater only comes in one size so, please measure yourself before purchasing! Click here to view the full measurements. I am super excited/happy to have this item in my closet. I couldn't find any flaws within the item whatsoever and I'm really happy with it.

Overall I give this item /5 stars!

The last item that I'm going to be reviewing today is this Black and White Striped Mickey Print Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt features none other than Mickey Mouse! I love the style and color of this sweatshirt. I didn't much care for the meterial on the inside of the sweatshirt since it isn't very soft like my previous sweatshirt that I have received from Sheinside. The print is decent quality but I recommend washing it inside out or hand washing it and hang to dry just in case. 

I didn't check the measurements on the sweatshirt (silly me) but for some reason the sleeves are really short. When I keep my arms down at my side you can't tell but, once I lift my arms the sleeves appear short. So, I was a little disappointed about that. That's why it's important to measure yourself completely before ordering any type of clothing online so that you can make sure the item is going to fit you. This item comes in one size only. Click here to view the full measurements.Overall, I wasn't too satisfied with this item but it is a cute sweater so, I'm going to give this item /5 stars.

That's it for my Sheinside review! Thank you Sheinside for giving me the opportunity to review your items. 

I hope you enjoyed my review! Be sure to check out my instagram (@pastelcutie) for daily outfit posts and more~!

Thanks for reading. Love you! ♥

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