Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello Everyone! I'm here with another review for Geo Coloured LensesGeo Coloured Lenses was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide easy to use, comfortable circle lenses. All of their lenses are authentic Geo brand and they are certified and approved by the USA FDA . You can learn more about Geo Coloured Circle Lenses HERE.

Geo Coloured Lenses also offers free worldwide shipping! I honestly didn't keep track of my item this time but, the estimated shipping is 7-15 business days after the items are shipped which seems about right. That's average time for international shipping. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

Inside the package there was a circle lens case, a wear and care guide, and a business card with a QR code to receive free vouchers. The wear and care guide is very helpful but, if it is your first time wearing circle lenses I recommend you do more research online, just to be safe. Also, talk to your eye doctor before purchasing circle lenses. For more information on caring for your lenses CLICK HERE. Of course, the circle lens case is essential because you need to store your lenses somewhere, right? You will  also receive a circle lens case with your purchase. ♥

Each of my lenses comes in these glass bottles that contain sterile solution. As you can see, the authentic Geo brand label is on the bottles. You can scratch the grey area on the sticker to see if your lenses are authentic. I did that, and of course my lenses are authentic Geo brand lenses. All of their lenses are authentic Geo brand and they are certified and approved by the USA FDA. ^_^

You can purchase your lenses with prescription, as well. But, a lot of their colored lenses do not come in prescription which I realized after browsing their site for a while. I have to order my lenses with prescription because without my prescription, I wouldn't be able to see anything. I'm really glad that I'm able to purchase my lenses with my prescription. Please note that circle lenses aren't recommended for everyday wear. Also, be sure to never wear your lenses longer than 8 hours as, this may cause permanent damage to your eyes. I personally never wear my lenses longer than 5 hours because my eyes become dry and irritated after that. (Eye drops might help with the dryness, though.) I also only wear my lenses 2-3 times a week, if that. When I wear them let's say, three days in a row my eyes tend to become a bit irritated so I don't recommend wearing them everyday.

Now, for the tricky part. Opening up the glass bottles can be a bit tricky so, I'll try to explain the best I can! On the top edge of the bottle you will see an arrow pointing up (first photo), push the lid up where the arrow is a pull back, gently and it will appear like the second photo. After that, you can either twist off the metal lid or use scissors to take it off. Please be careful as, the lid is made of a sharp metal and you can harm yourself. If you can, have an adult help you. Then, you take the little rubber lid of and TA DAH! The bottle is open. ^_^

The solution in the glass bottles is only temporary and is used to keep your lenses from drying out. You need to purchase all purpose contact lens solution. It costs about $5 at any local drug store but, if you don't have any drug stores near you, you can also check stores like Wal-mart or Target. The big bottles last a pretty long time so, it's a good investment!

The lenses that I chose to review are Geo Eyescream Ray-Ray Grey XMU-A15. I have these lenses in Chocomousse XMU-A16 and I love them so, I decided to get them in grey, as well! These lenses are very natural looking and perfect for a more natural look. Make sure you soak your lenses in all purpose contact lens solution for at least 8 hours before wearing them. Be sure to handle your circle lenses with clean hands and soak them after every use. It's recommended that you throw them out after 4 months if you wear them regularly and they start to cause dryness. 


Power Range: 0.00-8.00

Diameter: 14.5mm

Base Curve Radius: 8.7

Water Content: 38-42%

1 year disposal.

Natural eyes with no lenses.

Eyes with lenses.

The enlargement on these lenses isn't very noticeable since they're only 14.5mm. But, I really wanted natural looking lenses.The grey blends into my eyes very well and it looks really natural which is what I wanted. I could hardly feel the lenses at all. It wasn't until I wore them for more than 5 hours that I started feeling slight irritation. I also made the mistake of wearing these three days in a row so, my eyes weren't too happy with me. It's very important that you give your eyes a break from circle lenses as they're not like regular contact lenses!

These lenses look really pretty on me, and they're comfortable. They're noticeable but not too noticeable which is really nice. I got a few compliments on my eyes when I wore them out the other day, as well! These lenses are my third pair of lenses from Geo Coloured Circle Lenses and I can honestly say that Geo Coloured Circle Lenses is now one of my favorite circle lens stores for authentic Geo brand lenses.

Color: /5

Comfort: /5

Enlargement: /5

Overall: /5

If you have any questions about circle lenses feel free to message me

Also be sure to check out Geo Coulored Lenses on TumblrFacebook,Instagram @geolens, and Pinetrest.

Thanks for reading. Love you!


  1. The lenses look so cute on you! I've always wanted to try out circle lenses myself but I feel like they wouldn't suit me well. Your blog is adorable as well, looking forward to seeing more from you!

    You have a lovely day! ♡♡♡

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