Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spree Picky Review ♡

Hello cuties! I'm here with another review for Spree Picky~! Spree Picky is an online storenvy shop that sells really cute clothing, shoes, wigs, accessories and more. Spree Picky offers free shipping throughout their entire shop, as well. Let's get started!

My package arrive 2-3 weeks after it was shipped which is average for international shipping times. The items I ordered arrived in the same package but, I also was sent two other items separately. (Usually your items should come all in the same package.) Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

The first item that I'm going to be reviewing is this adorable Angel Wings Backpack. This backpack has been on my wishlist forever and I'm so excited to finally own it! It's small but, big enough to hold important things like makeup, your keys, and snacks~! It's the perfect bag for me because I'm quite small and I don't carry too much with me. hehe

The straps were inside of the bag and need to be put on manually which I don't mind at all. It took less than five minutes to put on the straps and adjust them so yeah! I felt I should mention this in case you don't see the straps and you wonder where they are/how to add them on haha.

The cool thing about this bag is it comes with three different colored wings! You can change the color just by snapping them off and on the backpack as you please. This backpack is available in two different colors (black & white) and each color comes with a different set of colored wings. The white one (which is the one I have~) comes with baby blue, pink, and yellow wings. ^_^

Of course I had to change it to the pink wings hehe. It's so cute and it's honestly really good quality. It's a good size, shape, and it's pretty durable. It's also PU leather for those of you who were wondering~! 

I'm so in love with this backpack and I've worn it quite a bit since I got it. As I mentioned before, it's super cute and really good quality~ I give this item a 5/5! I highly recommend that you purchase this if it's something you're interested in. You can also find the jacket HERE.

(Photo is lightened due to poor lighting~)

The next item that I'm going to review today is this REALLY FRICKIN' CUTE Pastel School Girl Uniform. I've wanted a school girl uniform for ages oh my gosh ; o ; I'm sososo happy that I finally got one! This seifuku comes in three different colors and is only available in one size.

Here is the top of the school girl uniform and the details of it. The fabric is pretty thin and there were a couple of loose threads which a bit saddening but, overall the quality isn't too bad.At first I thought the bow on the uniform needed to be cut towards the end because I felt like it shouldn't have been stuck together but, I checked the stock photo and it's as it should be. (Luckily I didn't take scissors to it beforehand..) I really love the color and style of this uniform. It's super cute!

here are the details on the skirt. As you can see, the fabric is really thin but it isn't too bad and you could always layer clothing~ The zipper didn't get stuck or anything so that's good! There weren't any lose threads on the skirt, either.

 Overall, I don't have any major complaints and I'm pretty happy with it. It's only something that I'm going to wear for fun anyways hehe. On the site it says for sizes M-L and honestly it's more of a size S to a petite M. I'm pretty small so it fit me just fine but, please be sure to check the measurements on the site before purchasing. :3

*Heart eyes*

Overall, I give this item a 4/5! I really love the style/color. I only wish that the fabric was a bit thicker but other than that, I'm really pleased with it. I was also fortunate enough to be featured on Spree Pick's Site ahh~! You can view the photos HERE

The next item that I'm going to review is this Kawaii Donut Bear Ice Cream Top. This top is made of a soft thin material so I recommend wearing a tank top or something underneath. It's really light and comfortable perfect for layering~ 

Here's the print up close. As you can see, there's lotso f yummy foods and cute teddy bears and things on it. It's really really cute and it goes well with a lot of the clothes that I have so yay! I got the top that was printed on one side but you can get the version with the print on both sides HERE. Overall, I give this item a 4/5 only because I wish the material was a bit thicker. Other than that I'm happy with it!

The last item that I'm going to be reviewing today is this Galaxy School Girl Uniform (Long Version). This seifuku is available in two colors and comes in sizes XS-XL. I really love the design and print of this seifuku. It was a bit wrinkly when I took it out of the package but that could easily be fixed with a steamer or warm wash cloth. I originally wanted the short version but I forgot to tell my sponsor oopsie~ Either way, it's really cute!

This seifuku is much better quality compared to the other one. The print is amazing and the material is not too thin or thick. The bow is detachable as well. My only slight concern is it's too big for me. :c It fits really baggy on me even though it's a size XS ; - ;  I tried my best to roll up the skirt but I still looked a bit silly haha. Maybe I should have tucked it in like in the stock photo hm... Anyway, I strongly urge that you check the measurements before ordering so that you can ensure that the item is going to fit you. 

Overall, I'm really happy with this item (even if it's super baggy on me) and I give it a 5/5! Be sure to follow me on instagram @pastelcutie ^_^ 

Thank you guys so much for reading and thank you Spree Picky for giving me the opportunity to review your items~!

You can use the code PASTEL CUTIE at checkout for 10% off when you spend $30.00 or more.


  1. Beyond in love with those seifukus you look super adorable <3

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    bought also some stuff , after ebay limited my selling privileges being a top
    rated seller ... go figure . Anyways check it out

  3. That galaxy seifuku is so cute! I wish I had the money to afford it '~'

  4. I love the backpack x)
    Seifukus are soo cute! ♡♡

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    I love the fukus, too :3