Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Choies Review ♡

Hello! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online store called ChoiesChoies sells high street fashion clothes, shoes, and accessories. What I really love about Choies is they have free shipping worldwide! A while back, they e-mailed me asking if I would do a review for their store and I said yes. They then gave me a certain amount of store credit (kind of like reward points) and I ordered the items myself so, their wasn't any sort of special treatment, I suppose. I was just like any normal customer. I want to apologize in advance for the poor quality of some of the photos in this review. Someone changed the settings on my camera and a few of the photos came out really bright. Anyway, let's get onto the review!

Choies has two shipping options. The first shipping option is the free shipping option which is, 15-30 business day shipping. The next shipping option costs an extra $15.00 but, it's 4-7 business day shipping. I chose the free shipping option because I don't mind waiting a little bit longer for my packages to arrive. My package arrived in a little over 2 weeks which is average for the option that I chose. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

Each item was individually wrapped (as pictures above). I love it when items come wrapped like this because I can re-use the bags to store wigs and stuff like that~

Here are the items I chose! I couldn't be happier with them, honestly. I'll talk about each item individually and then link you to each separate item. ^_^

The first item that I chose was this "Dope" Crop T-shirt. This top is made of a thin but, comfortable material. The [rint on the front of the top is good quality but, I recommend washing it inside-out just to be safe! I've been wearing a lot of crop tops recently since I've become a lot more comfortable with my body so, I knew I just had to get this top. It's really cute and trendy and perfect for more casual days.

(I'm sorry the "e" is covered oops)

This top is really cute and comfortable. It's lightweight and the material is really soft. I love the print/text and I am really happy with this item. This top is on sale right now, as well so if you like it, I highly recommend you order it before it sells out! This top is only available in one size so please check your measurements before purchasing.

The next item that I'm going to review is this "Dope" Beanie in Black. This beanie has "DOPE" written across the front and "MCMLXXXY" written in the back. I'm not sure what the letters in the back stand for but, I really love the text on the front of the beanie so I don't mind it. The beanie itself is made well and I'm really happy with it. I love the pompom on the top, as well.

This beanie is really comfortable and it fits my head perfectly. Some beanies (especially bought from China) are really small and they squeeze my head but, this one fits really comfortably and it doesn't squeeze my head, at all! I highly recommend that you purchase this beanie if you're interested.

(My hair is always getting in the way...)

But, here's how I chose to coordinate the items. Very casual yet, very trendy. I love it!

The next item that I'm going to be reviewing is this BOY beanie in Black. This beanie is a replica of the BOY London beanies but it's so cute I just couldn't resist! It's really comfortable and it doesn't squeeze my head, at all. It's made really well and there weren't any flaws within the item. It's available in a few other colorways, as well. Just search "boy" and they'll come up!

This beanie suits my style really well and I'm really satisfied with it. I highly recommend you check it out, as well.

The last item that I'm going to be reviewing today are these Retro Mickey Clamshell Sunglasses. These glasses came in a high quality eyeglass case & a sleeve which is really great because now I can take them with me without having to worry about them breaking in my bag or something. I'm not quite sure what drew me to get these sunglasses, actually. They remind me of something Lady Gaga would wear so maybe  that's why I was so interested in getting these. I love how the outer lenses resemble Mickey Mouse ears, as well.

These glasses are so odd, I love them haha. It looks like I have Mickey Mouse ears, too. These glasses are honestly really good quality and I'm really satisfied with them. If you like them as well I highly recommend you check them out!

Thank you so much Choies for allowing me to review your store and thank you guys to much for reading! I hope that despite some of the poor quality photos that you enjoyed this review. I'm really happy with my items from Choies and if you're into street fashion I highly recommend them!

Thank you!


  1. The "MCMLXXXY" is a typo of 1985 in engrish..

  2. Beautiful photos! ♡♡ I love the beanie! x)
    You're really sweet!
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  3. My experience was very different from yours!I ordered 8 items and i will be returning ALL OF THEM! The quality is terrible and for the price its just unacceptable. The sweater that I got was shedding unbelievably and both leggings had print marks on them. I filled in a form to get a refund but I'm worried that now my $180.00 are gone because their return policy states that (Note: 1.All items purchased on sale are non-returnable.) and almost all of mine were.I was so excited because I have read so many great review and what I received was a complete waste of money!!

  4. I'm really upset with Choies right now. I DO NOT RECOMMEND them at all. I agree with Haze. I'm trying to return my first purchase from them because of the terrible quality, frayed edges, and the items do not look like the photos. So far, they refuse to let me know where I can return my items. A rep tried to give me a $20 voucher when I spent over $80 and even said "Why don't you try to resell them or give them to somebody?" !!!! Unbelievable! I really regret buying from them. I'm glad that some have had good experiences, but I'm so disappointed with their customer service. I'm going to file a claim with PayPal to get my money back. I'm posting this review everywhere in the hope that it helps someone from making the same mistake I did.

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