Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kittywood Designs Review ♡

Hello cuties! I'm going to be reviewing an online Etsy shop called Kittywood Designs. Kittywood Designs sells a bunch of really cute accessories and things. A lot of the items in her shop are unique which is why I am a big fan of her work! I was really excited when she said that she'd sponsor me items to review for you guys~ Well, let's get started! ^_^

The owner of Kittywood Designs was kind enough to upgrade my package to priority 2 day shipping so it arrived about 2 days after it was shipped which is really fast. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

The packaging was absolutely adorable! You can tell that she put so much time and effort into making my items super safe and cute. I can't imagine how long it must take her to package every single order oh my gosh~ ; o ; But, the little details really made my day and it made my pracel that much more special.

So, here is all of the amazing goodies that she sent me! I was so excited and honestly wasn't expecting to be sent this many things eeep~! I'm so grateful. ; o ; ♥ 

One of the first items that really caught my attention was this adorable Pastel Balloons Hair Clip. The reason it caught my attention was it reminds me of a decoration on a birthday cake that I had when I was little. This is a perfect accessory for pastel, fairy kei, and lolita styles. I plan to wear it with my GLW twin tail wigs soon hehe. The item is really well made and the clip is really sturdy. I honestly couldn't find any flaws within the item. I give this item a 5/5! Please remember to always treat handmade items with love and care otherwise, they will break.

The next item that she sent me was this really cute lilac heart pin with a cross in the middle. It's perfect for pastel goth style which is great because that's a style that I've really wanted to try. It isn't listen in her shop but maybe if you really wanted this, you could request it? Anyway, it's super cute and I'm happy with it!

She also sent me this adorable pin with sweets on it. I'm sooo in love with it oh my gosh ; - ; <3 I have a lot of clothes that would go perfectly with it and you all know my love for things with food on it. It isn't listed in her shop so, I'm guessing this is one of the extra goodies that she sent me. It's super cute though, I love it! ^_^

I decided to put my pins on my denim jacket and they look so cute ; - ; <3 I'm really happy with them and they're honestly really good quality!

The next item that she sent me was this gorgeous lilac floral crossbones ring. I really love how elegant the design is it's absolutely beautiful. The ring is also adjustable so you can adjust it to fit your finger which is great because I have awfully thin fingers heh. This particular item isn't listed in her shop but, she has a bunch of really cute rings listed in her shop that you can view HERE.

The next item that I received was this Creepy Cute bone Hair Clip. This bone hair clip is made from resin and it's really light weight. It has an alligator clip attached to the back and it's pretty sturdy. This bone hair clip is approximately 5 inches long! It's really good quality and I couldn't find any flaws within the item. I give this item a 5/5 and I highly recommend it if you're into creepy cute/pastel goth styles! I need to learn how to style my wigs into a bun in a way that looks natural so that I can wear it. If you guys know of any good tutorials on how to style a wig into a bun, please link me in the comments or on my main blog.

I also received this elegant mini hat hair clip. The style is very "creepy cute" and it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland or something I just love it! I could imagine some really cute Halloween type outfits that would go wonderfully with this. It'd also be a perfect accessory for bitter sweet or gothic lolita~! The hair clip seems to be really good quality so that's great. I couldn't find this exact item in the shop but, there are some similar items HERE if you're interested. ^_^

This item is a Vintage Inspired 1980's Sweater Clip. This accessory is meant for when your sweater/blouse is too big and you want to make it fit a bit tighter. What you do is you clench the bit of fabric that's too big and attach the clip to the back. It's also a great way to spice up any outfit. You can view an example of how to wear this item HERE. You can put it on a sweater, blouse, dress, pretty much anything! This item is so interesting, I've never seen anything like it! I most definitely plan to use it soon since a lot of my clothes fit quite baggy on me hehe.

The last item that I received was this adorable pixel Sailor Moon crescent moon wand necklace. I can't tell you how in love with this necklace I am. It's so cute and the pink chain makes it 100x's cuter. I can't wait to wear it with my Sailor Moon top (as pictured above). This particular necklace isn't listed in her shop but there's a similar item HERE. I'm sure you'd be able to request a custom order on her Etsy Shop if you want an item like this. I give this item a 5/5 because I'm just so happy with it and it's really cute. ♡

Overall, I am extremely happy with the items that I received from Kittywood Designs. Each item is well made and extremely unique. 

Thank you so much Kattie for all of the super cute gifts! I couldn't be happier and I appreciate it so much~!

You guys can also use the code PASTELCUTIE at checkout for 15% off your order. ^_^

I hope you all enjoyed this review. Love you. ♡

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