Friday, February 28, 2014

Choies Review ♡

Hello cuties! I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by an online store called Choies. Choies is an online clothing store that sells fashions for various styles. Another cool thing about Choies is they have clothing for guys, too! Let's get started. ^_^

Choies has a few shipping options. The first shipping option is free and it takes about 15-30 business days for your parcel to arrive. The second one is an upgraded shipping option that I believe takes 8-10 business days, I believe and it costs $15. I chose the free shipping option because I don't mind waiting a little longer for my packages. Everything arrived within a little over two weeks so that's good! Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

Each item came wrapped very neatly in plastic ziplock bags. Choies has these reward points and every time you buy something, they add more points to your account and I believe you get points for signing up, as well. So, since this is a sponsored review they just added points to my account for me to use and I order the items myself. This way, I have a better idea of what an actual customer's experience is like~! This is my second review for Choies and so far, everything has went very smoothly. Anyway~


The first item that I chose was this Heart Print A-Line Dress (in Red) The red dress is sold out so, the listing doesn't come up when I type it into the search bar but, the blue one is available! I chose this dress (in red) originally because I wanted to wear it for Valentine's Day. The stock photo is a lot brighter than the original item so, I figured it was going to be a bright red but it's more of a burgundy color.

The measurements for this dress are as follows; Length: 72cm, Bust: 92cm, Shoulder: 37cm, Sleeve 56cm. My measurements for dresses are usually Bust: 90cm & Length: 75cm. It's really hard for me to find dresses that fit my bust that aren't really long on me (because I'm short) so, when I saw that this dress was the perfect size I had to get it! It's super adorable, too. I did expect this dress to be a brighter red but, it's still really cute. 

There was a few loose threads on the dress but, that isn't a major problem. Good news is, the dress has a zipper in the back so the dress is easy to put on~! The zipper didn't get stuck or anything, so yay!

Here's a photo that shows the dresses color a lot better. I decided to pair the dress with tights and a beige cardigan. I love love loveee the length of this dress! It's so perfect and it's not too long or too short which is great.

I'm pretty happy with the item aside from the slight color confusion so I give this dress a 3.5/5. ♥

The next item that I chose to review was this amazing Black Velvet Skater Dress. I chose this dress because I love velvet and I love skater dresses. This dress comes in three sizes but the only size left at the moment is the large. I got a size small and the measurements for a size small are as follows; Bust: 88cm, Length: 81cm; Shoulder: 38cm. 

This dress is exactly like the stock photo on the site and it fits me pretty well. It's a bit long but, not too long so that's good. I love the look and feel of this dress. But, if I could change anything about this dress I'd wish it had a zipper or at least elastic in the waist. I have to carefully put it on otherwise I hear a slight thread tearing noise... So, yeah I really wish it had a zipper or elastic or something. Other than that, it's a really cute dress and I like it, a lot. I give this item a 4.5/5!

I am pretty happy with my items from Choies. There wasn't anything majorly wrong with the items, just little things that I'm being picky about heh. I recommend that you check out Choies if you like the items on their site. You can also sign up for free and make a wishlist. 

I made my own wishlist and the number one this on my wishlist right now are these super cute Pastel Green Leather Brogue Shoes. They come in a non-shiny version too~ I hope I can get enough store credit to get them hehe. Anyway, you guys should make a wishlist, too! Comment below with your favorite item from

Thank you Choies for sponsoring me, again! I hope we can continue to collaborate with each other. ^_^

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this review. 

Love you. ♥