Friday, March 14, 2014

Choies Review ♡

Hello cuties! I'm here with another review for an online fashion website called Choies. Choies sells street fashion apparel, shoes, beauty products, and more! What I really love about Choies is the individual and unique styles that they have to offer. They also offer free worldwide shipping which is great because no one likes to pay for shipping especially when it's international shipping because that can be expensive.

Choies ships from China which usually takes 3-6 weeks but I think they upgraded me to priority shipping even though I selected the free shipping option because according to my e-mail, my order was shipped on the 12th and it arrived on the 13th. DHL is usually 1-5 day shipping so that was really fast oh my goodness! I'm really happy with that and I'm glad that they were kind enough to upgrade me. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

Each item was individually wrapped in plastic zip-lock bags with Choies logo all over it! It's a good thing that they come like this because this way you don't have to worry about dirt or moisture ruining your items during shipment.

The first item that I'm going to review is this super cute Cartoon Horse Print T-Shirt. This top is made of cotton and only comes in one size so please check the measurements before purchasing. I chose this shirt for obvious reasons~ it has G1 My Little Ponies all over it!!! Plus it was on sale heh. It's so cute and comfortable. The fabric is very lightweight but, not too thin or anything which I like. The print is well done and overall the top is good quality. I love this top and I have absolutely no complaints!

The next item that I'm going to be reviewing today is this Denim Skater Skirt (which is on sale right now, by the way...) I chose this skirt because I thought it'd be a cute thing to wear on warmer days and the customer photos on the site were really cute so, yeah! This skirt is made of a thick cotton material. This skirt comes in sizes S-L and I got a size medium. The measurements on the site are a little messed up because there was a typo. It says that on the medium the waist is 568cm which would be a really big waist. So, I just looked at the waist measurements on the small which is 58cm so, the medium had to be 68cm and the large is 78cm so, basically the sizes are just 10cm different (on the waist). I believe I was correct because the skirt fits just fine. I think I need to re-take my measurements because I've lost some weight and the skirt fits a little loose. But, yeah! It's good quality, I honestly thought it was going to be really thin but, it's not! It also has a zipper on the side so it's easy to put on. It's really comfortable and I'm really happy with it. ^_^

The last item that I'm going to be reviewing today is this AMAZING Metallic Horse Cross Body Bag/Clutch. You guys know how much I lovelovelove holographic/metallic stuff, right? So I just had to get this purse oh my goodness. I am so in love with it! I love how the strap is removable so. you can carry it as a clutch or a purse as desired because it makes it more versatile.

This purse is really cute and versatile but it does have a downside. Since it's a clutch, it's really small and it doesn't fit much. It would fit some money, a tube of lipstick /or chapstick and a contact lens case which is fine because I don't carry much with me anyway but, if you usually carry a lot of stuff this probably isn't ideal. But, this purse would be good for a night out when you only need to carry a few things! I'm sooo in love with this purse and I highly recommend that you purchase it if you are interested!

Overall Ratings

Quality: /5

Shipping: /5

Customer Service: .5

Customer Satisfaction: /5

I am really satisfied with my items from Choies! The quality of the items that I received was good, the shipping was really quick this time and I have absolutely no complaints! I recommend that you check out this store if you are interested in the items that they have to offer. ^_^

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Thanks for reading~! Love you. ♥


  1. ive been admiring that pony shirt for some time and now that you reviewed it, its absolutely on my wishlist!!

    1. Do you realize that half the shirt is just discolorations of the same 2 ponies?

  2. it's too pretty ~ *-* poooonyy ~

  3. I wasn't aware that recolored G1 ponies was considered top quality. Minty isn't pink and Sundance isn't yellow. I saw a dress at Hot Topic that had more than 2 ponies, and they were in dfferent stances and they were their actual colors.