Sunday, March 16, 2014

Raindrop Babies ♡

Hi cuties! Today I'm going to be talking to you about Raindrop Baby Beanies by Bisytsia on Etsy! Raindrop Babies are meant to be your protectors. They radiate good vibes and keep away negative feelings~ (That's the way I look at it, anyway.) I thought that this was a really cute project and I was really interested in collaborating with the own of the shop because staying positive is something that I struggle with in my everyday life and I'm always looking for more ways to remain positive.

Here are the beanies she sent me! I asked if I could have a pink one and a minty blue one since those are my favorite colors. :3 The cool part is you can mix and match the little Raindrop Babies as you feel like it and you can even request a different color Raindrop Baby and beanie. (They don't have to match!) So, it can suit your own personal style heh. When I got these in the mail I was super excited ahh just look at how cute they are!

The little Raindrop Babies are made of clay and they're attached to a pin so you can remove them and add them onto a bag or something if you would like. They look so serious ; o ; I wish they looked a little happier but, that's okay! <3 They're still super cute. ^_^

She also sent me this rose quartz crystal (a crystal of unconditional love) with a letter (not pictured) and it was the sweetest thing ever... she mentioned how she knew that I was going through a hard time and wanted to help make it a little easier. There's lots of different meanings for rose quartz crystals but basically, they're meant to help you feel more positive about life and it's supposed to help you love yourself and others. It carries a soft feminine energy filled with compassion, peace, tenderness, and healing. This was honestly the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me. I carry it around with me during the day and I sleep with it under my pillow at night. c:

Excuse my face um- but, I am really grateful for how sweet this owner has been to me! I encourage all of you to get beanies, too to help support her new shop (and we can all be twins!!!) yay!

Please be sure to check out Bisytsia on Etsy and Tumblr

Thanks for reading! Love you. ♥

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  1. Those beanies are really cute! I might have to buy one myself.