Monday, April 28, 2014

Sandy's Shop Review ♥

Hello cuties! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online Storenvy shop called Sandy's ShopSandy's Shop mainly sells cute fashion accessories like tights and socks. I made A TON of sales for their shop because so many of you used my discount code that they offered to send me 6 items of my choosing from their shop to review for you guys~! ^^

They e-mailed me and told me that my package should arrive within 10-15 business days which is average for international shipping times. I believe it took about a week and a half for my parcel to ship from China to California so, that's really good! Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

All of my tights and socks were wrapped neatly in plastic wrapping. Some of the wrapping (like the one on the top) was super cute which made me really happy! They also sent me a little thank you note which was really sweet of them to do. ^^ <3

I decided to pair the White Hearts Printed Tights and the Lace Trim Cat Socks together and it turned out really cute! I've always loved the idea of putting socks over tights and I'm glad that I finally gave it a shot. Also, thank you Sandy's Shop for adding my photo to your site and crediting me! That's really sweet. ^^

I'm going to talk about the Lace Trim Cat Socks first and then I will talk about the tights. The socks are really cute and exactly as pictured on the site. I really love lace socks and I'm so happy to have these! They're good quality and I honestly couldn't find any flaws within the item, whatsoever. I highly recommend these socks if you're interested in them. ^^

These White Hearts Printed Tights are so cute! I love the design/style of these tights because they're simple but, cute at the same time. These tights did not tear or rip but, I recommenced that you are very careful with them because they are pretty thin. Other than that, there's no flaws within the item and I am really happy with these tights!

The next item that I'm going to be talking about today are these Comfy Knit Thigh High Socks in Creamy White. These socks are very comfortable and super cute! They're a bit scrunched at the top because my legs are really short haha. But either way, they're really comfortable, well made, and I am satisfied with them!

The next item that I am going to talk about are these Striped Knee High Socks in Grey. I think these are my favorite out of all of the things that I'm going to be talking about in this blog post. I really love how thick and comfortable they are and they fit me really well. I've also concluded that knee high socks fit me like thigh highs which is really cool because it's hard to find thigh highs that aren't too long so, I'll keep that in mind! I love the fit and style of these socks and I couldn't find any flaws within them. I highly recommend these!

The next item that I'm going to talk about are these really cool Silver Stud Knee High Socks. The style of these tights are so cool! They're perfect for street fashion and pastel goth fashion or, if you just want to look totally rad haha. They're super comfy and I love the style!

The only thing that I was slightly concerned with is the studs are sewed on using elastic which means, if you pull on the studs or get them caught on something they will rip off. I might sew them on using a basic needle and thread just in case! But yeah, if you decide to purchase these socks please be careful with them. ^^ Other than that, I am really happy with these tights and I can't wait to pair them with a super rad outfit!

The last item that I'm going to be talking about today are these super cute Cat Tattoo Tights. These tights are meant to be sheer so that it looks like a design is tattooed on your legs but, since these tights are sheer they're also very thin so please be careful with them or they might rip. I really love these tights because they're so simple yet, so cute. I love the design very much, as well.

The print on these tights show up really well which is great because tattoo tights can sometimes be poorly printed so the design doesn't show up that well. But, these are great! Another really great thing about these tights is they aren't ridiculously priced. I've seen these tights in other shops for as much as $15 and that's just crazy! I love that Sandy's Shop is really affordable. They also have a wide selection of really cute items to choose from. I highly recommend them to all of you.

You can also use the code JANEXSANDY at checkout for 10% off your order! ^^

As always, thank you so much for reading and thank you for the support. Special thanks to Sandy's Shop for sponsoring me super cute items to review.

I hope you all enjoyed this review. Love you. ♥

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