Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sweet Soul Shop Review ♡

Hihi~! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online storenvy shop called Sweet Soul ShopSweet Soul Shop sells really clothes, shoes, wigs, circle lenses, beauty products, accessories, and tons more. They were closed down for a while but, now they're back and I'm really excited to start working with them again because they have some really cute stuff and they are one of my favorite online stores! Let's get started~

I'm going to be reviewing these precious Princess Himekaji Bowknot Pumps (in White). A lot of the items sold on Sweet Soul Shop are Gyaru and Himekaji styles and I'm currently really into Himekaji so, I have acquired a few pieces for the style. However, I did not have shoes to go with my Himekaji coords since I am just starting out but, I saw these and I was like OMG!!! I just adored these sooo much they were so perfect and I just had to have them! The lovely owner of Sweet Soul Shop saw me fawning over these precious babies and offered to send them to me to review for you guys and I was literally over the moon eep~! 

Now, let's talk about the shipping. I was given a tracking number so that I was able to keep track of my item. My shoes shipped on March 28th from China and they arrived on April 2nd which means they took less than a week to ship to California which is extremely fast! I'm used to waiting anywhere from 2-4 weeks for my items from China to arrive so, I was really pleased with that. There were some slight complications during shipping and I will talk about that in a moment~

My shoes did not arrive in a shoe box which I believe is because the less it weighs, the less money it takes to ship and I'm okay with that. Each shoe was placed in a little sheet of soft material.

Here are some photos of the shoes. Right from the beginning, I was really satisfied with the appearance of these shoes. I love the bows on the front as well as the lace detailing along the side. I believe the shoes are made of PU leather, as well. At first I didn't notice any flaws within the shoes until I looked a little closer...

There was a slight marking on the left heel. This could have happened during shipping or during manufacturing, I'm not for certain. It honestly isn't a big deal to me but, I figured that it was important to mention. Other than that, there weren't any flaws with the shoes that I could find. Like I said, it isn't a big deal to me at all, really. I'm going to be wearing these shoes a lot, anyways. ^^

These shoes have adjustable straps so that you can make them loose or tight depending on preference! I personally love the little gold accent (I don't know what it's called oops) on the side. It looks really cute and adds to the overall princess-y look of the shoe~

Let's talk about shoe sizes! I ordered a size 38 (US 7) but honestly, this shoe fits me a bit more like a US 6.5 so might I suggest going a half size up if you prefer your shoes to have a little more moving room. I believe the reason why these shoes feel a bit smaller than my other shoes is because there's an arch. Since my foot is slanted when wearing these, there's less room for my toes to move around. I can still wear these for a few hours and still be comfortable but, like I said I suggest maybe going up half a size. Each shoe size chart is different and you can be one size in one shoe but different in another so, measure your foot to see which size will fit you the best! ^^

I've worn these shoes a few times now and I don't have much trouble at all wearing these and I am SO HAPPY because with my CP (cerebral palsy) it's almost impossible to walk in heels. But, honestly I can walk in these just fine! I can wear these for about 3-4 hours before they start becoming uncomfortable but, keep in mind that I have just started wearing heels and I don't wear them often so, if you're an expert at walking in heels you'll have no problem walking in these. The platform is 2.5cm so I would guess that the heel height is about 5-5.5cm which isn't that tall at all. I love love love these shoes and I can't wait to put outfits together with them! If you're looking for a cute pair of heels that are inexpensive I highly recommend these (or any other pair in their shop, really.) because they have tons of really cute shoes specifically for Gyaru, Himekaji/Hime coords. BUY HERE~!


Customer Service:     /5

Shipping:     /5

Quality:    /5

Customer Satisfaction:    /5

Overall Rating:    /5

Aside from the marking on the shoe and the slight sizing issue, I am really satisfied with these shoes and I highly recommend that you check out Sweet Soul Shop. ♥

You can use the code "pastelcutie" at checkout for 10% off when you spend $50.00 or more!

 Thanks for reading. Love you! ♥


  1. *sigh* I wish asian shoes would come in a European 39.5, or even a large 39 would do it.. I love those shoes but I'm too afraid they won't fit, since I have a 39 - 40. You can be so lucky with your 38! *jealous* They look reaaally cute on you!

  2. These shoes are so lovely !
    I love the detailings along the shoe.