Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sailor Moon Sweater Giveaway~! ♥

Hello cuties! I decided to host another giveaway for you all just because I love you all so much. You have all been super supportive of me recently so, I want to thank you all by hosting another cute giveaway! ^_^

This giveaway is brought to you by the lovely people at Spree Picky~! ♥


One winner will be randomly selected to receive their very own Sailor Moon Sweater from Spree Picky!

The prize and shipping will be paid for by the owner of Spree Picky.

This giveaway is international so, anyone may enter for a chance to win~! ^^

You must follow all of the rules in the rafflecopter widget in order for your entries to be counted towards this giveaway.

You can also use the code "PASTEL CUTIE" at checkout for 10% off when you spend $30.00 or more when you shop at Spree Picky~!

Good luck and have fun! ^^


  1. awww amazing giveaway ~ goodluck every one ^^

    my blog♥

  2. aw this is so great!! love it, hope can have a chance! thanks for share <3

  3. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    Crossed fingers!

  4. So cute, i need to win! D: hahaha

    x o x o

  5. uwaaaa that is so adorable. hope i could win :(

  6. adorable! cant wait to see who wins!

  7. love, love it!!!

  8. Isis Oliva Lourenço
    GFC Isis