Thursday, August 21, 2014

Circus Doll Review~! ♥

Hello cuties! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online storenvy shop called Circus DollCircus Doll sells cosplay costumes, wigs, accessories, and more! I'm really excited for this review because I finally got to cosplay Chii from Chobits! It was my first time cosplaying so, I hope you'll all support me. ^^

I'm going to talk about the shipping, first. Okay, so the shipping took a little while because I asked the owner if she could cut the fringe and style the wig for me since I'm too scared to take scissors to my wigs, myself. So, she sent it to herself, and then sent it to me so naturally it took a little while but I expected that. I was sent two items which came separately because I got them at two separate times. The 2nd item was sent to me directly and it only took a little over two weeks and I was very impressed considering it was shipped internationally! Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

The wig came in a cardboard box and was wrapped neatly in a plastic zip-lock baggy. I was also sent a cute little note from the owner which was very sweet!

This wig is extremely long and it's most deffinately the longest wig that I now own. It is 150cm long! Lucky it was tied up neatly so, it didn't get too tangled. I suggest braiding it, instead, though!

Here's what the netting on the inside of the wig looks like. It's really good quality and very well made! I am very pleased with the quality. 

On the inside of the wig there are hooks and loops that you can use to make the wig fit perfectly on your head/ What I noticed is this wig has more loops than my other wigs so I suppose it could fit really smal heads, too!

Here's what the wig looks like on me! It's a very good quality wig and although I don't think blonde suits me, my cosplay came out okay for a beginner, right? 

The only issue I had with this wig is it is REALLY long! It's necessary for the character I was cosplaying, though. I'm really short (4'10") so, I kept tripping over my wig LOL. I think that even though my cosplay wasn't exact, it came out pretty nice, don't you? I got so many supportive comments from you guys because I wasn't so sure of it at first. Like, you want everything to be perfect and if it's not you end up a little disappointed, I guess.. But overall, I really love the quality of this wig and it's perfect for a Chii cosplay!

You can purchase this wig HERE.

Next up, I am going to be reviewing these very cute Strawberry Tights. I saw these on tumblr I was was like "OH MY GOD I NEED THESE!!!" and one of my sponsors at Circus Doll offered to send them to me and I was so happy.

These tights are so cute and they come in two different colors! I wore them when I went out with my friend Hannah and received many compliments on them. Before my sponsor offered to send me these tights I went looking for them on storenvy and ebay etc. and they were so overpriced! Some shops wanted $20 for them and I was very confused like.. why would someone pay that much for tights? But, Circus Doll is the cheapest place to buy them that I've come across. $11 for really cute tights isn't that bad, at all. ^^

Anyway, these are all of the items that I'm going to be reviewing for today. I have a discount code for you all! You can use the code "pastelcutie" at checkout and receive 10% off your order at Circus Doll!

I hope you all enjoyed my review. Thanks for the support and thanks for reading! Love you! ♥


  1. woww 150cm long, I would be tripping up all over the place aha! the tights are so cute!

  2. so cute *-* I love strawberrie tights

  3. Cuuute ❤
    Really cool that the owner could style the wig for you! ^____^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  4. Used your coupon code to order a wig, thank you! :D