Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Choies Review ♥

Hello cuties! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online store called ChoiesChoies sells high street fashion and offers free shipping worldwide! They were kind enough to sponsor me so, I really hope you enjoy this review. Let's get started!

My parcel arrived via EMS which is a faster shipping option that you can choose for a little extra cost. I tend to go with the free shipping option but, I suppose they sent my parcel via EMS for the review so that's really nice! My items came in a box like the one pictured above and nothing waws harmed or damaged during shipping.

Each item came indivisually wrapped in plastic. As I mentioned before, nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping~

The first item that I'm going to review today is this Pink Heart Knit Jumper. This jumper is a peachy pink color with a light pink heart on the front. I chose this item because I thought it would be a cute simple sweater when it starts to cool down here~

I honestly expected this jumper to be really thin but it's actually really cozy. Of course, it's too hot for San Diego weather at the moment but when t finally does start to cool down it will be a simple but cute sweater to wear. ^_^

Here's what the sweater looks like on me.It only comes in one size so please check the measurements before ordering to ensure that it is going to fit you. I paired this jumper with my peachy pink wig and it matched so perfectly! I am happy with this item and I recommend it for sure~

Here is my full outfit~ As I mentioned before I paired my Pink Heart Knit Jumper with my peachy pink wig, as well as a simple black skirt, cute bunny tights, and black strap heels. I was rea;;y happy with this outfit even though it was really hot that day ahh~ 

The next item that I'm going to be reviewing for you all today is this Black Knit Skeleton Jumper. I chose this item because it's very Halloween-y and if you know me then you know that Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays! I had to get this ssweater just as soon as I saw it.

This jumper is better quality than the previous one in this review. It's a bit thicker and more comfortable. I really enjoyed wearing this honestly~

Here's what the jumper looks like on me. As I mentioned before it's very comfortable and I really love the design. This item comes in sizes S/M/L so please be sure to check the measurements before ordering so that you can ensure that you purchase the correct size. I love this jumper soooo much and I highly recommend it!

I paired this Black Knit Skeleton Jumper with my pastel hair prism wig, as well as a simple black skirt (I wear this skirt a lot oops), some kitty tights, lace socks, and my cat wedge shoes~ I was extremely happy with this item and especially this outfit!

The last item that I'm going to be reviewing today are these REALLY CUTE Pastel Pink Jelly Sandals. If you know me then you know that I love jelly shoes and I have many pairs of them. I've wanted pastel pink jelly shoes ever since my jelly obsession starte but they were always too overpriced in my opinion... When I wwas doing some looking online they were about $60 plus international shipping which is a lot for some jelly sandals.. These are fortunately a little cheaper. I can't find these exact shoes in this style/color other than taobao.

These jellies are pretty good quality and deffinately much better quality than my other pink jelly shoes. I've wanted these forever and I'm really happy that I own them!

I'm a US womens size 7 in shoes and these shoes fit true to size. I recommend ordering these in your regular shoe size and you'll be just fine~

I really really love my Pink Jelly Sandals and I highly recommend them! These are comfortable to walk in and I tend to wear them aroud the house a lot. I highly recommend these shoes~ They're also availible in Clear Gitter, White, and Black. Please be sure to check that out.

That's it for my Choies review. I hope you enjoyed this review! Which item out of all of these was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. 

Much love,


  1. The shoes are cute!

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  4. The shoes and the wig are amazing :3