Monday, September 22, 2014

Circus Doll Review~! ♥

Hello cuties! I'm here with another review for Circus DollCircus Doll is an online storenvy shop that sells wigs, cosplay costumes, apperel, plushies, accessories and more! I recently did a review on a Circus Doll wig and I did a simple Chi cosplay which you can see HERE! Anyway, let's get onto the review~

My parce; arrived about 2-3 weeks after it wass shipped which is average for international shipping times. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

The wig I recieved was this Long Light Purple Wig. I've wanted this wig for a while so I'm very excited!! My wig came in a plasticziplock baggy as pictured above. I store my wigs like this because it's an easy and compact way to store them.

This  Long Light Purple Wig is 90cm long and heat resistant up to 200*C. This wig has a full bang just like it's pictured on the listing. This wig is wavy and can be styled to suit your face shape!

The netting on the inside of the wig is good quality. It's very light/comfortable to wear.You can adjust the wig to fit you but please don't put it on too tight! If you do that you'll get a massive headache due to poor circulation. What you do to adjust the size is put the hooks in the loops as pictured in the second photo. My example isn't the best because I put in on almost as tight as it should go and like I said, you shouldn't do that! (unless you have a smaller sized head of course~)

One of the issues that I had with this wig is it's a bit thin and it makes the wig look less natural/poor quality. I wish this wig was a bit thicker but, it's not toooo bad~

Here's a close up of the wig. The curls are really pretty and I love the overall style and color of the wig. However, when I wear this wig outside it looks a lot brighter and shinier which isn't good because this can make the wig look unnatural.

Here's what the wig looks like on me! As I mentioned previously, this wig is a lot shinier and brighter than I expected it to be but it's still a very pretty wig. I really love how this  Long Light Purple Wig looks in low light, though.~ I'll atach more photos at the end of this review.

Overall Ratings

Shipping: 10/10

Quality: 6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6/10

Would I recommend this product to you?: If you like this wig, you should purchase it. However, the quality isn't the best. I think this wig would be good for cosplay or Halloween but, I personally wouldn't wear it everyday since the quality isn't amazing.

Circus Doll has TONS of really cute wigs, clothes, shoes, plushies, accessories and more so even if you don't like this wig you should deffinately check them out!

You can also use my code "pastelcutie" at checkout for 10% off your order~!

More photos as promised~

Thanks for reading! 

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  2. It's a very lovely wiggy ^^

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