Monday, April 24, 2017

Betsey Johnson First Impressions + OOTD ♥

Hello cuties! Today I'm going to be doing a review/first impressions of some items from Betsey Johnson. I've been a fan of Betsey Johnson for SO LONG and I am rea;;y happy to finally own a couple items from her brand. Let me start off by saying, I got both of these items from Ross so, they're pretty old. You might be able to find them at stores like Ross or DD's Discounts since they tend to carry a lot of Betsey items.

Here is my beautiful beautiful bag that was gifted to me by my sister.We went to Ross together and she saw me looking at the Betsey bags and offered to buy it for me /sobs/ ;; Since she bought it at Ross, it was really inexpensive.

This bag was originally priced at $68.00 and was $20.99 at Ross. This bag was significantly marked down and is still like new! Ross carries a lot of Betsey bags as well as other high quality brands like Nike, Filas, Puma etc. for really affordable prices. I highly recommend checking out your local Ross or DD's Discount stores for cute items like these.

The bag originally came with the black and pink tassel heart but, I personally didn't like it so I replaced it with a fluffy pink heart charm gifted to me by a friend.  I'm not a fan of tassels but I am a big fan of fluffy accessories!  I love it so much.

This bag has a BEAUTIFUL heart quilted pattern all along the front and back with black and pink stripes. I decided that this bag is going to be my new everyday purse! It's simple, cute and will match most of my clothes really well. You can carry it as a handbag with the handles or use the strap. You can also remove the strap which is really nice since it's actually pretty long for me. I wore it across my chest like a messenger bag and it was down to my thigh vs. my hip (I'm 5'0). One of the things I dislike about this bag is that the strap isn't adjustable. I love the gold chain detailing, though.

The inside is so cute! It has cute black and white stripes and hot pink lips with "Luv Betsey" written on the inside which was a really cute touch. I am however really disappointed that there's no inside pocket, at all. I don't have anywhere to put little things which means I'll have to dig through my purse to find things like my lipgloss and things like that.

It's a pretty decently sized bag, though! Everything I need fits in here including my big phone with my super cute BB and B decoden case [Review Here ♥] which is really great! Other than the lack of a side pocket, I really love the interior.

I really needed a pair of sunnies because I lost my last pair! Funny thing is I wasn't sure if I should buy these because they were $10 but, I decided to purchase them because they fit my face really well and I needed them! These are all over the internet but these particular Betsey Johnson sunnies are $60.00 online not including tax or shipping. You bet after I saw how much they were originally I was SO happy I bought them!

The rose gold color is so cute! I'm late hopping on the rose gold trend but I'm here hello... and I love it!!! ♥ Honestly this little pink heart pn the frame is the reason I decided to buy them haha~ It's so adorable! I love these so much!

I'm glad I kept my Bonlook eyeglasses case because now I have a safe place to store my sunnies instead of at the bottom of my purse! Tell me why my Too Faced compact literally matches hehe that wasn't intentional, I swear! But sooo cute aaa ~ ♥

Here's my Outfit of the Day! Details and where to buy everything is on my instagram @pastelcutie so, check it out! ♥

Overall I'm an even bigger fan of Betsey Johnson now and I will be purchasing more handbags from her in the future! Her bags are so unique and high quality, how could I say no? ♥ I really hope you all enjoyed this review! Let me know down in the comments which brand is YOUR favorite?! I'd love to know!!

As always, thank you so much for reading. I'll see you soon!

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  1. Such a cute barbie outfit, and that Betsey Johnson bags is perfect for it! I unfortunately don't have any in my collection but I want one so badly. I love Anna Smith though which carries a similar vibe!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee