Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Soraraya Phone Case Review + New Project ? ♥

Hello friends! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online shop named Soraraya! Etsy / Shop ♥ Soraraya makes really cute custom phone cases! I know I've done a couple phone case reviews recently but, I'm focusing on a new project which I will announce at the end of this post!

My phone cases arrived in about two weeks from the day it was shipped which is really good for international shipping times! The package was marked as fragile and the cases were wrapped in foam so, nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping which is great!

Here are all the beautiful phone cases that I received from Soraraya ! I can't wait to get into it all and talk about these cases! There's quite a few so, I'll try to not ramble too much and get through this as quickly and efficiently as I can!

My custom Still Into You case is probably one of my faves out of the bunch. Soraraya made this case with me in mind and she did such an amazing job with the design! I'm really impressed.

This case is so bright and colorful! I've been really interested in brighter colors lately because they make me feel happy! This case is so adorable, vibrant and well made! It also has Paramore lyrics on it which is one of my fav bands ever!!  I'm so happy!

My favorite part of this case is the drippy effect on the sides and the heart lego piece. I honestly think the lego pieces would look really cute as earrings! So cute!

Each case fits my phone perfectly however, they are really tricky to remove. Since they're plastic cases, you have to be really gentle with them, For me, using my nail is the easiest, safest way to remove the cases without damaging them. Also, I'm REALLY into Heartcatch Pretty Cure right now ?!?! Ohhh my gosh I love it so much!

The next case I'm going to be talking about is this adorable Crybaby phone case! ♥ This case is my pastel kawaii aesthetic in a phone case. It is so freaking adorable and I love it so so much!

The details on each case is what makes these cases so perf. I love the gradient moon and star on this case. It really ties the pastel kawaii theme together nicely! The colors on this case are so dreamy and adorable! Plus, it will match with just about anything in my wardrobe which is nice!

The next case I'm going to be talking about today is this Mermaid Pastel Decoden Case. I actually wasn't expecting to be sent this case along with the others I requested which is a really nice surprise! One of my absolute favorite colors is mint green so, I absolutely adore this case so much,

The colors chosen for this case go together so so well. Soraraya is truly an artist and I love her work so much! The mirrored heart in the middle really creates such a beautiful accent! I love this case so much and I know I'm going to get a ton of use out of it because the colors are actually perfect.

I saved the best case for last~! I don't think I've ever intentionally reached toward a mostly black phone case before but, once I saw this case I KNEW I had to have it! I actually have this case on my phone right now! This Pastel Goth Phone Case as well as any of the other cases featured in this post and on the site can be made for just about any phone! Just add it to your cart and put your phone model in the notes section at checkout.

Once you order a custom case or model, it of course takes time to make and is no longer made to order. However, there are some made to order or "pre-made" cases listed on Soraraya's Etsy Shop. One note I do have to make is that the pastel bat fell off. I could feel it was about to fall off once I had received it so, it probably didn't have enough glue or something. This isn't an issue since I have a hot glue gun. I've had a lot of Soraraya's cases and this is the first time this has happened. Otherwise, my cases last a really long time and I can use it consistently for several months before any pieces start to fall off.

Overall, I am absolutely obsessed with Soraraya's phne cases. I give them a 9/10 since the little pastel bat fell off! Other than that, I really love these cases and I know they're going to last me a while as all my other Soraraya cases have lasted me ages, before.

Please check out Soraraya's 


If you're interested in an affordable kawaii decoden phone case.

ALSO! Be sure to use my code "pastelcutie10" at checkout on either site for 10% off your order!

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Please and thank you!

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