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Where to Buy Affordable Pin-up and Vintage Reproduction ♥

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Hello everyone! Recently I have gotten really into pin-up and vintage reproduction fashion. I've done a lot of research on what makes a pin-up outfit, hair, and makeup all that jazz. I've been on a very tight budget recently so, I've been on the lookout for affordable pin-up and vintage reproduction items. The difference between vintage and vintage reproduction is that vintage reproduction is clothing made with higher quality materials that we have today in a vintage style. This can be ideal because real vintage fashion from the 20's - 50's is very fragile because of it's age. Whereas vintage reproduction is made with high quality materials. Vintage reproduction and pin-up fashion can be expensive so, finding affordable items as difficult. Keep in mind that most of these items are usually within the $100 - $200 range. I tried to find items between $15 - $60 which is a lot more affordable!

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I really love the aesthetic of vintage makeup, but most vintage reproduction cosmetics companies are expensive (understandably so)... I went looking for vintage style makeup companies that are affordable. This means, it has simple gold, silver or sleek black packaging.


Okalan is a very affordable makeup brand with gorgeous packaging for an affordable price. Okalan can be bought on

Etude House

Most of you have probably heard of Etude House but, I felt that I should include this brand because the packaging is everything! It's like a dream. Etude House can be bought on

Holika Holika

Holika Holika is a Korean makeup brand with very cute packaging. It's not really a vintage style but, I thought the packaging was cute so, I wanted to include it. Holika Holika products can be bought on

Pretty Vulgar

Pretty Vulgar is truly vintage inspired. The packaging of these products are everything! I hope I can test this brand out for myself soon because it is so aesthetically pleasing. Shop or

Soap & Glory

Soap and Glory is very vintage inspired and features photos and artwork that is an absolute dream. The packaging for Soap & Glory is so beautiful! Shop Target, Ulta, or Walgreens.


Milani Cosmetics is definitely vintage inspired. Their simple but gorgeous packaging is life! They're very affordable and high quality. I actually have some of their lip products and the Romantic Rose blush that us pictured above and it is amazing! Shop

e.l.f Cosmetics

e.l.f is known for their affordable prices. Their simple sleek packaging really gives me a vintage vibe. Honestly, they're stepping up their game and their products are amazing yet still super affordable. Shop

Essence Cosmetics

Essence is right up there with e.l.f in terms of affordability. If you're looking for gorgeous makeup at a low cost, you should definitely check out essence cosmetics. They also offer free shipping on orders over $15! Shop Essence Cosmetics

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Dollskill doesn't have many vintage inspired clothes for affordable prices but, their accessories are resonably priced and these bags would make amazing staple pieces to vintage or pin-up outfits! I'm in love with that peach purse. Shop

eBay Seller: shih89

If you're comfortable shopping eBay this seller has some really cute bags that would compliment a vintage or pin-up outfit really well. The seller's username on eBay is shih89!

Etsy Seller: ImYourPresent

Etsy has tons of really cute clothes, and accessories. One of my absolute favorite shops is ImYouPresent. It's a little bit more $ and the items are delicate so keep that in mind before purchasing. They're so cute and I'm dying to have that Diner necklace omg. Shop ImYourPresent.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic carries a lot of really cute accessories that would look great with any vintage or pin-up outfit as a staple piece. The Disney accessories are my favorite! And of course, Hot Topic is reallt affordable! I believe they're also having a 30% of sale on their site. Shop Hot Topic.


Target has some really cute accessories for pin-up outfits! They have so many amazing bags and they're really affordable! Shop


Claire's is an amazing place to shop for accessories. They have a very large variety for affordab;e prices. They're also having a Buy 3 Get 3 Free accessories sale both in-store and online! Shop Claire's.

Forever 21

Forever 21 has so many gorgeous accessories especially for Spring! Right now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the cute accessories they have. The locket necklace and heart hoops are my favorite. Shop Forever 21


Zaful is an online fashion store that carries a variety of items to suit different styles. A lot of their items are very casual but, I thought these accessories would look amazing with a vintage or pin-up style! I really love the strawberry purse and I want it so bad! Shoop

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Collectif Clothing

Collectif Clothing is a vintage pin-up reproduction store where you can but tops, shorts, skirts, pants, rompers and of course, dresses! They have a wide selection of items in different styles and prints for reasonable prices. Shop Collecif Clothing

Doll Me Up Darling

Doll Me Up carries various popular pin-up and vintage reproduction brands at a reasonable price. They also carry plus sizes which is really amazing! Shop Doll Me Up Darling

Etsy Seller: ShesAMermaidCat

ShesAMermaidCat is a handmade Etsy store that sells very cute tops, dresses, and two piece sets. I've personally ordered from this store and her items are amazing! For handmade items, they're very affordable especially the two piece sets. I'm crying because I want the yellow set so badly! Shop ShesAMermaidCat


Depop Seller: ShesAMermaidCat

ShesAMermaidCAt can also be found on Depop. There's a wider variety of items to choose from on her Depop shop than her Etsy shop. The Winnie the Pooh set is what my dreams are made of. ♥

Bonne Chance Collections

I've talked about this shop before but, I had to include them! Bonne Chance sells very cute dresses, two pieces, and overall dresses! They're super affordable and so so cute. A lot of my casual dresses are from here but I feel like if styled a certain way, a lot of them could be a more vintage or pin-up style. Shop


Zaful not only carries really cute accessories but cute clothes, as well. They even have pin-up style dresses! I saw on various reviews that the sizes run small so, please check the measurements before ordering. Zaful is of course, very affordable so I had to include them. Shop

Lindy Bop

Lindy Pop is a vintage and pin-up reproduction online store that sells a variety of cute and affordable items. They're super super affordable for vintage reproduction and I admire their designs so much. I really hope that I can place an order, soon! They also carry plus sizes up to 6XL which is heckin' cool! *whispers* they also have pockets... Shop Lindy Bop.

Hot Topic

If you got into Hot Topic's Rockabilly section, there's tons of really amazing items that would suit a pin-up or vintage look. They even carry plus sizes in a lot of their items which is amazing! Is anyone else crying over that Lilo and Stitch skirt or is it just me?! ... They're like I said before, having a 30% off sale online which makes these items very affordable! Shop

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Yeah, I said it. Payless is really stepping up their game and their quality has improved so much, Their prices are of course, still very reasonable. I was absolutely shocked at how many cute pin-up style shoes they had! I'm in love with the shoes in the first photo. Shop

eBay Seller: 7324melrose

7324melrose is a USA seller that makes high quality shoes in various styles. I've actually bought from this seller before and their shoes are amazing! And so so affordable. I highly recommend this seller if you want cute shoes for an affordable price.

Bait Footwear

If you're into vintage fashion or pin-up fashion, you've probably already heard of Bait Shoes. Bait Foot wear is a vintage reproduction online store that carries gorgeous shoes. They're a little bit more money than some of the other shoes in this post but, they are high quality and based on reviews, they're also really comfortable! Shop Bait Footwear


Modcloth can be on the pricey side at times but, if you do some lookin' you can find some really amazing shoes at an affordable cost. They carry various popular brands like Bait Shoes and Irregular Choice. I love Modcloth and if you're willing to spend a little more, I highly recommend them. Shop

Iron Fist

Iron Fist is an alternative fashion brand that is very unique and fun! These shoes would play up a casual vintage or pin-up outfit any day and I absolutely love this concept. Iron Fist can be a little pricier at times but they always have sales! These shoes are all about $40! Shop


Dollskill is one of those brands that can be really expensive but, if you do some digging you can find some amazing pieces at a reasonable cost. I absolutely love these shoes and they'd compliment a vintage /or pin-up outfit in such a cute way. Shop

Hot Topic

I was curious and decided to check Hot Topic for cute shoes and I was not disappointed! The Alice in Wonderland shoes scream pin-up to me and I love them so much! I think my favorites are the pink ones though and I actually might have to buy them at some point! Shop

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1920 - Black Cake Mascara, Mascara Besame Cosmetics - 10

1941 - Victory Red Lipstick,  Besame Cosmetics - 1

If you've made it this far, I truly admire your patience! As a bonus, I have to include Besame Cosmetics to this list. They're a bit more on the high end side but, they're actually inspired by true vintage makeup from the 20's, 40's, 50's and 60's which is so amazing. The shades are even inspired by popular shades from those specific eras. Also... the packaging,,, omg so beautiful! I absolutely need this in my life, honestly! Shop or

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