Monday, July 28, 2014

Daiso Haul~! ♥

Hello cuties! So, a couple of days ago I went to a store called Daiso and basically, Daiso is like a Japanese dollar store except, almost everything is $1.50. How cool is that? We just got a Daiso herein San Diego and I've been dying to go so, I asked my friend Hannah to go with me, yaaaay! This is my first official haul post so, if you guys like it and want me to do more please let me know in the comments section below.

So, here's everything that I bought at Daiso Japan. I wish I took a picture of the inside of the store because I swear, everything was so cute! I honestly had such a hard time controlling myself because I just wanted to buy everything. They have a bunch of cute stuff in there that's kinda pointless but it's so cute you want it anyway, you know? Anyway, onto the items that I bought~

Okay so, if you know me then you know that I lovelovelove pancakes and waffles and anything of that nature. So, when I saw this cute bear frying pan I had to get it! One of my favorite things is I eat blueberry pancakes every weekend so now I can have BEARY BLUEBEARY PANCAKES! (bad pun?) hehheh but, I am very excited to try it out!

This is one of the first things that caught my attention and are kind of the main reason why I wanted to go to Daiso in the first place. I saw April (jasmineblu) had bought them and I really wanted them to put on my white platform sneakers, as well! If they were shorter I would have put them on my white creepers heh.

I was SO EXCITED to find these strawberry bento boxes for so cheap! I got them for $1.50 each and they're like $11 each one online oh my gosh... I was very excited to find these omg. Thinking about it, I should have gotten cute little chopsticks or utensils to go with it... But, I guess that gives me a reason to go back, right? Anyway, I'm really happy with this find. ^^

This is the last of my Daiso Haul. I've mentioned many times that I use cheap makeup products because that's all I can afford and this is actually some of the stuff that I use. Although, I've never bought those lashes before. The lashes are similar to the Dollywink lashes that I use so, I decided to buy them and test them out. The eyeliner is just basic black  liquid eyeliner with a pencil (although I don't use the pencil) and I'm running low so I decided to buy more before I happen to run out. The lip gloss is pretty self-explanatory haha it's just regular lip gloss~

Overall, I spent $11.34 and considering all of the things I bought, that's really cheap! I really hope I can go back because I want to buy so many more things~!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pastel Cutie's Best Outfits! ♥

Hello hello! So recently, I have been told on many occasions that my outfits (and makeup) are getting better and better these days and that makes me feel really happy! Because of this, I decided to do a list of what I believe, are some of my best outfits. I might even sneak in some of my faves too. ;) I'll be going from my most recent outfit to my later ones, okay? Let's gooo~!

This is my most recent outfit (it's from yesterday) ans for something I just threw together I was really happy with it! I felt like a fairy. ; // ; ♥ I got so many compliments while I was out with my friend Hannah yesterday, it was nice!


Flower Crown:
Wig: eBay
Dress: pinky_s_dream on instagram
Strawberry Tights: (code: "pastelcutie" for 10% off!)
Socks: eBay
Platform Jelly Shoes: eBay (buffshoes)

This first outfit is one of my favorites, to date. I am really obsessed with overall dresses lately and I hope that I can purchase more, soon!


Top: "pastelcutie" for 10% off!)
Dress: (code: "PastelCutie" for a discount!)
Tights: (code: "JANEXSANDY" for  10% off!)
Socks: eBay
(code: "pastelcutie" for 10% off when you spend $50.00+)

This outfit was one of your guy's favorites and I really enjoyed it, as well! This outfit os very "kawaii" and pastel which is most commonly what I blog about. I went for a pastel/bunny theme here and I was very satisfied with the end result!


Wig/Bunny Ears: eBay
Top/Suspender Skirt: "pastelcutie" for 10% off!)
Tights: (code: "JANEXSANDY" for  10% off!)
Socks: eBay
Shoes: Maxstar

This outfit was more gal/himekaji inspired. As I mentioned before on my main blog, I don't like following fashion styles to a T. I just get the specific elements of a certain style and put my own spin on it because it's a lot more fun, that way! I loved this outfit I felt so princess-y~!


Dress: (code: "PASTEL CUTIE" for 10% off when you spend $30.00+)
(code: "PASTEL CUTIE" for 10% off when you spend $30.00+)
Tights: (code: "JANEXSANDY" for  10% off!)
Socks: eBay
(code: "pastelcutie" for 10% off when you spend $50.00+)

Wig: eBay
Dress: (code: "pastelcutie" for 10% off!)
Lace Socks: eBay
Platform Jelly Shoes *not pictured*: eBay (buffshoes)

My Little Pony Dress: Iron Fist Clothing
Lace Socks *not pictured*: eBay
Shoes *not pictured*: 
(code: "pastelcutie" for 10% off when you spend $50.00+)

I'm sneaking in this casual outfit because it's one of my more popular photos hehe.


Top: Local Retail Shop
Skirt: (code: "pastelcutie" for 10% off!)
Black Platform Sneakers *not pictured*: Maxstar

This outfit isn't one of my favorites because I look like a pastel baby but, it is one of your guy's favorites so, I decided to add it! ^^

Wig: eBay
Top/Bloomers: (code: "PASTEL CUTIE" for 10% off when you spend $30.00+)
Black Platform Sneakers *not pictured*: Maxstar

This outfit is by far one of my most favorite outfits ever! I love crop tops, circle skirts, and anything holographic so naturally I am obsessed with this outfit!


Wig: eBay
Crop Top/Skirt: (code "PASTEL" for 15% off!)
Spiked Heart Leg Garter *not pictured*: (code: "PASTEL CUTIE" for 10% off when you spend $30.00+)
Black Over the Knee Socks *not pictured*: Dollar Store
Spiked Lita Boots *not pictured*: (code: "pastelcutie" for 10% off!)

This outfit is another gal/himekaji inspired coord. I feel like all of a beige tones go really well with my skin tone. ^^

Dress: (code: "PASTEL CUTIE" for 10% off when you spend $30.00+)
(I can't remember what shoes I wore with this oops)

Crop Top: Local Retail Shop
Jacket: (code: "PASTEL CUTIE" for 10% off when you spend $30.00+)
Leggings: Unknown
Black Platform Sneakers: Maxstar

Wig: eBay
Crop Top: Local Retail Shop
Skirt: (code: "pastel-cutie" for 10% off!)
Confetti Party Tights *not pictured*:
Jelly Shoes: eBay (buffshoes)

So, that's all of my best outfits! If there's an outfit that I didn't mention that you think deserves to be in this post, let me know in the comments section.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Brave Store Review~!

Hello everyone! As promised, I am here with my review for Brave Store. Brave is a store on storenvy that sells really cute clothing and accessories. A lot of their items are under $20 and I love that they offer a lot of really cute and affordable items so, you can look cute even if you're on a budget. I want to mention ahead of time that over half of these photos were taken with my old camera so, I apologize for the poor quality but I hope they don't look too bad~ Anyway, let's get started~!

I received two items from Brave Store but, they both arrived separately. I requested each item at different times but, I remember with my last sponsor package my items came separately so, if you order more than one item please be sure to expect this, as well! I didn't really keep track of the shipping times since like I said, I received each item separately but, they both shipped from China which usually takes about anywhere from 2-4 weeks to ship to me USA which is average for international shipping times. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

The first item that I received was this Pastel Suspender Skirt. I've wanted one for SO LONG it's so adorable oh gosh~  As you can see, it came superrrr wrinkled. The material is kind of thin so, I didn't want to iron it with an iron so, instead I got a damp wash cloth and rubbed out the wrinkles. (my momma taught me that lol)

There were a few loose threads but, it didn't really bother me much, honestly. I'm glad that this skirt has a zipper because it doesn't have any elastic in the waistband. The zipper doesn't get caught or anything, so that's good!

The straps come de-ttached from the skirt so you can wear them with the straps or without the straps. It's up to you~! 

On the inside of the skirt there's buttons along the waistband. This is where you put the straps. The straps have holes in them so, you can put them on the skirt. The only problem I had was, some of the holes in the straps were too small for the buttons so, I had to cut them just a little bit. Other than that, they went on just fine!

As you can see here, the skirt is thin so I would be careful not to wear bright colored undies heh. Other than that, the material is really soft and it doesn't irritate my skin.

Here's what the skirt looks like on me~ As you can see, it's a bit tight around the waist. There's no elastic in the waistband like I expected their to be so, it can get pretty uncomfortable after a while. My waist is about 68-70cm so, I expected it to fit but, I guess not. My advice is only order this skirt if you're waist is 60-64cm so that it will fit you properly. The straps are too long and they fall off a lot so, I tend to just let them hang as they are. Of course I could just take the straps off but I like wearing it this way. Overall, I like this skirt but the quality isn't THAT great and I'm sad that it doesn't fit me properly. Please be sure to check the measurements before ordering so that you don't have this problem, okay?

As I mentioned before, each item arrived separately. The next item that I'm going to be reviewing today is this Chiffon Blouse.

My Chiffon Blouse came wrapped in plastic which prevented wrinkles so, that's good! It was neatly wrapped/folded which kept the blouse looking nice. The blouse also comes with a couple cute ties.

I am not sure what the white tie is for, honestly. But, I put the black tie around my neck like in the stock photos and it looks really nice. I've never worn a tie like this and I felt really fancy~

/casually uses the same photo twice heh. I regret getting a size small instead of a medium because it doesn't fit all that well around my bust area. However, the material is comfortable despite it being made of chiffon (I tend to not like chiffon blouses very much) But, this is a very nice blouse especially for the price! Other than the slight sizing issue, I'm really happy with it. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a nice blouse on a budget. Just make sure you check the measurements on the site before ordering so you don't have any sizing issues like I did.

Here's my full outfit! This outfit came out so cute and I'm really happy with it. I'm really glad that you can't tell there's a sizing issue unless you're up close to me~ Overall, I give Brave Store a 6/10. The quality wasn't too bad and the only big issue I had was with sizing but, that's a fail on my part for not paying closer attention to the measurements on the site. Brave Store has so many new & cute things ugh I want ;__; I hope I can have another review for Brave Store in the near future~

Also, you can use the code "pastelcutie" at checkout for 10% off your order!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Spree Picky Review! ♥

Hello everyone! Long time no see~ Nothing special happened, really. I was just waiting for my new camera and tripod to come in the mail so that I could take the photos for this review. It took like 3 weeks eeep.... BUT they both finally arrived and I'm really happy with how wonderfully the photos came out! Give me some feedback in the comments section, yeah? Anyway~ Today I'm going to be writing another review for an online storenvy shop called Spree PickySpree Picky sells cutesy and Asian fashion as well as wigs, accessories, cosplay items, and more! They've really expanded since I started working for them and I'm really happy to be a part of that process. ^^

I got this HUGE parcel from Spree Picky a few weeks ago~ The shipping took about 2-3 weeks which was really fast for international shipping times. Everything was wrapped in a tonnnn of bubble wrap so nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping. Even the more fragile items came perfectly safe and unharmed so, that's good!

My sponsors at Spree Picky sent me so much cute stuff ahhh~! I saw this bag on Meko's instagram and I was like "OMG IT'S SO CUTE I NEED IT!!!" so, she sent me it along with my Custom Name Necklace and my little arpacasso. I was soo happy! ^^

Here's my Custom Name Necklace. You can choose what font and what color(s) you would like so, the necklace is completely custom made. My friend Emily (Fetsu Chan) helped me with the design! I wanted mine to be pink with a white background and it looks just the way I wanted it to. The only thing is it looks like there's dirt or something where the necklace is glued on but you can hardly tell so, it doesn't bother me. This necklace is a good size, just a little bit smaller than the palm of my hand and it's very sturdy/well made. I couldn't find any flaws with it!

Here's what my necklace looks like on. It doesn't have a clasp but, it is long enough to just pull over your head. It's a good size and you can see the words very clearly so, that's good! This necklace is completely custom made and I love it so much! I highly recommend that you all get a Custom Name Necklace, too! ^^ You could get your URL like me or you could get your name, a nickname, your favorite character's name, anything you'd like. Just make sure you read the description on the item page before ordering!

Next I am going to review this Lovely Lace 2-Way Bag. This bag comes in two colors (pink.brown) and can be worn two different ways which I will explain in a moment! This bag is very cute and I love the design very much. All of the little details are so cute! This is a very sturdy/good quality bag.

This bag is a very good size and it fits a good amount of things! Inside I put my cell phone, a book (I disliked that book tbh), and my 3DS XL and I still had a lot leftover space! This bag would be good for school as long as you carried small notebooks and things like that~ It fits all of my necessities so, I'm really happy to finally have a cute bag that isn't super tiny. ; u ; 

As I mentioned before, this bag can be worn 2 ways! (3 ways if you count holding it by the handle.) You can view an example of the ways this bag can be worn HERE. In the photo above, I am wearing it like a backpack. I prefer wearing it this way because it's more convenient for me but you can wear it some of the other ways, too! As you can see, this is a pretty good sized bag. It can be adjusted to fit you more comfortably, as well.


Here are some examples of how the bag can be worn. You can change the straps and carry it as a messenger bag or you can remove the straps and carry it by the handle, if you'd like! (sorry for how awkward I look lolol) Overall, I am very happy with this purse and I highly recommend it! It's very cute, spacious, and versatile. I am really happy with it. ^^

Meko also sent me this really cute arpakasso plush as a gift. He's from the prince kid's series so, I named him Prince!

Kisses for my prince bby heh ; u ; Thank you so much Meko for the gift! I love it ^^ ♥

I am really happy with all of my items from Spree Picky. Please feel free to use the code "PASTEL CUTIE" at checkout for 10% off when you spend $30.00 or more! ♥ Also, if you spend a certain amount (I believe it's $50+ but I'm not sure) you will get a free gift with your order. I got this cute "love" necklace and I decided to give it to my sister since it's not really my style. But, I've also gotten nail art stickers and temporary tattoos, as well so they can put any little gift with your order heh.

DON'T FORGET! You can use the code PASTEL CUTIE for 10% off when you spend $30.00 or more! Happy Shopping! ^^ ♥

Here's my full outfit~! I will be reviewing the top + suspender skirt, next so, I hope you're all excited for that! Also please be sure to follow me on instagram @pastelcutie 

Thanks for reading. Love you. ♥