Sunday, October 14, 2018

Disneyland Part II: My Birthday! ♡


Hello friends! I was lucky enough to go back to Disneyland for my birthday! I had so much fun the first time I went and I absolutely couldn't wait to go back. I'm so thankful that I was able to for such a special occasion. My goals for this trip was to meet more characters and eat more food. I definitely did both this time around. 

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As I mentioned before, I celebrated my birthday at Disneyland. One of the main things I wanted to do was eat the Coco cake at Disneyland California Adventure. I didn't get to visit both parks last time so, I'm glad that I was able to go!

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The Coco cake at California Adventure was SO yummy! It tasted like a churro in cake form and the frosting was really yummy! The sugar skull was also edible white chocolate. If you go to DCA I highly recommend trying it! I also had a burrito from the same restaurant and I was really impressed by that fact that there was a bit of a kick in the salsa. The food was really good!

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I really enjoyed visiting Disneyland California Adventure! They have better food and better shops than the Disneyland park but, I honestly think I prefer Disneyland more. It has my favorite rides and just the smells alone give me such a happy feeling.

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I loved Bing Bong's candy store (and more). The aesthetics alone were sooo amazingly cute! I was on the lookout for a very specific item and thankfully this store had it! The shop lady was really kind and helpful. She even gave me a Happy Birthday button with my name on it which was really sweet! You will see a haul video on my Youtube channel later on so, keep an eye out!

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Donald was my favorite character that I met! He made me laugh SO much hehe. He's so silly, I loved meeting him and he's now one of my personal favorites ~ 

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I also met Goofy! He was dressed up in his Halloween costume and omg he's so adorable! I also met The Queen of Hearts in passing. She held my hand and she loved my outfit. I didn't get a photo because she was just walking around but, I'm happy I got to meet her!

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Can you guess who I met next...?

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I met my favorite Disney character, Winnie the Pooh! It was a dream come true and he loved my tattoo. I was SOOO happy that he liked it! He's such a sweetheart ahhh I'm so happy! I love him so much.

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Looking back at these photos makes me feel so incredibly happy. I can't believe my dream came true and I finally got to meet Winnie the Pooh! Ahhh~

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I also took a photo here because it was toooo cute! I had to!!!

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I had so much fun at Disneyland, it was honestly such a dream. This has been easily one of my best birthday's to date and I'm so incredibly thankful to be here to enjoy it. I got to spend it with my favorite people who really meet the absolute world to me.

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This day wouldn't have been perfect without my best friend Ileana by my side. The Pooh to my Piglet, my heart, I'm going to miss you so much. Thank you for an incredible birthday. I love you forever.

That's all for now~ I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Remember to keep an eye out for my Disneyland shopping haul! The link to my Youtube is in my sidebar. See you soon!