Tuesday, August 14, 2018

My First Time at Disneyland ♡

Hello cuties! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm very sorry for being gone for so long. I've been focusing a lot on my Youtube Channel this past year. That being said, I'm ready to start blogging again! I've missed it (and you) so much. 

My dreams came true and I finally went to Disneyland for the first time in my entire life! It took me a little while to save up but, I was very determined to make this trip happen. Growing up, my family didn't have much money and I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be able to go! In this post, I'll be posting photos, as well as talking about my trip. It's going to be a long one so, grab a snack!

My best friend Ileana took most of my photos at Disneyland and they came out so beautiful! I'm so very lucky to have such a talented best friend who loves Disney as much as I do. throughout our relationship, we've bonded over Disney. The fact that my first time was spent with such a special person means the absolute world to me.

I don't even know where to start! There was so much to look at that I was overwhelmed. Everything was so much bigger and dreamier than I imagined. I loved it so very much. I did rent a wheelchair for my trip because I have chronic pain/limited mobility and I'm so glad I did! Not having to worry about being in pain made my trip so much more enjoyable. I'll be filming a video about my experience using a wheelchair at Disneyland later on so, look out for that!

I got a photo of the empty carousel ...is this real life? I can't believe it! My friends and I got to Disneyland a little late so, we missed out on meeting a lot of characters. Though we did meet some princesses! 

I met Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel! Meeting the princesses was by far my favorite part of my trip. The princesses loved our dresses and told us that we were ready for the ball. ; - ; I almost cried!! I was so incredibly happy that my childhood was brought to life. It was a dream come true! Ariel was my favorite princess that I met. I loved her so much, she seemed the most in character to me. However, of course I loved meeting them all!

Each princess signed my autograph book and took a Polaroid picture with me! I hope to fill it with more autographs and photos in the future! I'm so glad that I bought an autograph book. If you're at Disneyland I highly recommend getting one! So worth it!

I surprisingly was able to go on more rides that I thought! Because I'm a baby and I don't like big scary rides. My favorite rides that I went on were the Haunted Mansion Ride and the Peter Pan ride. I highly recommend checking out both of these rides if you're at Disney!

New Orleans Square was my most favorite spot that I visited while at Disneyland! The buildings were absolutely beautiful! I had such a good time just looking at everything, honestly. With the smell of fresh churros in the air... I was in heaven. I even bought a custom painted parasol because it was definitely a hot day!

We then visited the white rabbit's house! Sadly, I was too big to fit through the door but, I could not resist snapping a few photos! In case you're curious, my ears are from Shop Odd 'n Ends, my dress is from Branded Kitty Shop, and my shoes are from Ami Clubwear.

Before we made our way into Small World we snapped a couple pictures! My friend asked the Disney employee if we could hold onto the balloons for a photo and they said yes! The cast member was to the side safely holding the balloons while we got our photos! How cool is that?! Clearly, I was having the best time aha.

Did you know that it's a Small World after all? We didn't go into Small World because our time was limited but, we still captured some photos! I definitely looked like I belonged at Disneyland.

Next we went to Toon Town! We only went into Minnie's house because like I said, we were running short on time. I loved Toon Town so much! I really felt like I was in Toon Town. It was such an amazing experience! I hope that I can see more of Toon Town when I go back!

Before we made our way into Minnie's adorable little home we got a lot of amazing photos! These were some of my favorites that my best friend took. I look so happy and cute! hehe :3

Minnie's house was so cute! We went not long before the sun had set so, the lighting wasn't very good unfortunately! :c It was still really cute, though. It must be a popular spot because it was really crowded.

Here's an adorable photo of my best friend ileana and I spilling the tea outside of Minnie's house! I'm so happy that we got at least one good photo together. She took all of the photos of me at Disneyland so, please give her a follow on Instagram! Her insta is @ileanainwonderland 

You're probably all wondering about the shopping. We didn't do much shopping, honestly. I tried to experience a little bit of everything since I was only there for one day. This was my favorite shop that we visited, though. Since we didn't do much shopping, I didn't buy much. I bought a mickey plush for my nephew and a Winnie the Pooh pin.

I wanted the new Winnie the Pooh Christopher Robin plush SO badly but they were all sold out. :c It took a couple weeks but after many failed attempts at trying to get him in store, I ended up ordering him online. They're backordered though so, I wont get him until October. ; - ; They're limited edition so, at least I got him! Even if I have to wait, it will be worth it!

Let's talk about my favorite bear Winnie the Pooh! I had such fun spending time in Pooh's corner. Winnie the Pooh is my favorite Disney character of all time! I sadly wasn't able to meet him but hopefully, I will plan better and get to meet him next time!

These photos are SO cute I'm so happy! We took these very quickly before walking into Pooh's Corner. Everyone was so patient and didn't interrupt our little photo session. They all waited their turn to grab a photo of their own which was very polite of them! Everyone at Disneyland was really nice and respectful. Even when I was in a wheelchair for most of the day!

I had so much fun in this store! Everything Winnie The Pooh (and more) ahhh I was so happy! and Pooh was even on the ceiling with some very happy bees! I didn't buy anything in this store because I had my heart set on the Christopher Robin plush!

Let's talk food! There was a lot of really cute looking food at Disneyland! We packed our own snacks so, we didn't spend a whole lot of money on food. All of the food was understandably very expensive and I was trying really hard to budget. I had a bacon cheese burger and fries, a coke, and a chocolate parfait. Everything was good but the parfait was a little too rich for me. Very cute, though. I also had TWO churros! That was my favorite food that I had at Disneyland. I'm definitely going to buy like 5 next time! ; - ; Seriously, if you haven't tried the churros at Disneyland you MUST! So yummy!!!

I had such an amazing time at Disneyland. It really was everything I would've hoped for and more! Truly, the most magical place on earth. I want to go back very soon, my heart aches! I'll be dreaming about Disney until I'm back, again.

Disneyland has my whole heart. Until next time.. I'll see you soon ♡ Thank you for everything.

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