Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kawaii Goods Review + Photoshoot~! ♥

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted something on here and I'm extremely sorry for that. I've been really unwell recently but, I'm feeling a bit better and I finally had a chance to get some stuff done so, yay! Today I am going to be reviewing one of my favorite indie brands, Kawaii GoodsKawaii Goods is a popular indie brand that specializes in kawaii fashion. Each item is designed by the ever so talented Claudia and is one of a kind and 100% cute! Let's get onto the review~

Please forgive the low quality of some of these photos. I took these really early in the morning for whatever reason ;; Anyway, the shipping was really fast. Kawaii Goods ships from California and I live in California as well so it only took a couple of days to get to me. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

The packaging was extremely cute and spoopy~ I love it when shops put in time and effort to make the packaging cute because it makes it feel like you're opening a present and it shows that the owner really cares about their customers.

The first thing that caught my attention was this really cute Happy Shooting Star Deco Hat. I've never really worn hats but holy poop I could not contain my happy fuzzy feelings about this super adorable hat ;; ♥ It's so unique and very well made! I love the design and all of the cute pastel fuzzy ball thingies ahhh so cute! This hat comes in blue, as well! This hat is perfect for fairy kei coords or any outfit, really! I'm really happy that I've started getting more cute hats because it's very sunny in California~ I recommend that you all check out this really cute hat and purchase it if you would like to!

I was sent this Sweetie Dreams Rainbow Fantasy Dress to model for Kawaii Goods. 
this dress is made from a soft stretchy fabric that forms to your body shape. It has a skarter skirt that flares out at the waist. This dress is availible in sizes S-XXL so, anyone can be a cute pastel princess! 

The print on this dress is very cute and the colors are vibrant. The print shows up very well on the dress and I am extremely impressed by the quality of this item. This dress is very soft and not too thick or thin so, you can wear it comfortably.

My Sweetie Dreams Rainbow Fantasy Dress fits very well and is really comfortable. I love how vibrant and adorable the print is. It's very unique and adorable. I am extremely satisfied with this dress and I highly recommend it!

I was also sent these adorable Rocking Horse Sweetie Dreams Socks! The print is very vibrant as to be expected and it's also really adorable! The print on the socks goes perfectly with my dress, as well.

I love these socks so much! They are made of nylon and spandex material. The only slight issue that I had with them is I was afraid I was going to slip while wearing them with my jellies so, I had to change them before I went out, unfortunately.. it's only because they're really soft, honestly. Other than that, I'm really happy with them and I think they're adorable! These aren't listed in Kawaii Goods' shop, unfortunately but there's a very similar listing HERE.

I was also sent a cute hair clip abd a bunch of lovely business cards! I love it when stores send business cards to me because when I go out I always get questions about my outfit and where I got it from etc. so it makes it a lot easier for me to tell them because I can just give them a card~ It's also very professional!

Now, here are the photos from my Kawaii Goods photoshoot. I had my sister help me a bit and I'm really happy with howwell these photos came out. I hope you guys enjoy them, too! ^^

You can view the edited versions on Kawaii Goods' website HERE.~ 

Also, you can use the code "pastelcutie" at checkout for 15% off your entire order!

I really hope you all enjoyed this review and thank you so much for reading!

Love you. ♥

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Seashell Bag Giveaway~! ♥

Hello cuties~! Spree Picky was kind enough to sponsor me an item to giveaway to one lucky winner! I selected the prize myself so, I hope you like it!


One winner will be randomly selected to recieve their very own Seashell Bag from Spree Picky! The prize and shipping will be paid for by the owner of Spree Picky.

This giveaway is international so, anyone may enter for a chance to win! ^^

You must follow all of the rules in the rafflecopter widget in order for your entries to be counted towards this giveaway.

You can also use the code "PASTEL CUTIE" at checkout for 10% off your order when you spend $30.00 or more!

Good luck and have fun! ^^

Monday, September 22, 2014

Circus Doll Review~! ♥

Hello cuties! I'm here with another review for Circus DollCircus Doll is an online storenvy shop that sells wigs, cosplay costumes, apperel, plushies, accessories and more! I recently did a review on a Circus Doll wig and I did a simple Chi cosplay which you can see HERE! Anyway, let's get onto the review~

My parce; arrived about 2-3 weeks after it wass shipped which is average for international shipping times. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

The wig I recieved was this Long Light Purple Wig. I've wanted this wig for a while so I'm very excited!! My wig came in a plasticziplock baggy as pictured above. I store my wigs like this because it's an easy and compact way to store them.

This  Long Light Purple Wig is 90cm long and heat resistant up to 200*C. This wig has a full bang just like it's pictured on the listing. This wig is wavy and can be styled to suit your face shape!

The netting on the inside of the wig is good quality. It's very light/comfortable to wear.You can adjust the wig to fit you but please don't put it on too tight! If you do that you'll get a massive headache due to poor circulation. What you do to adjust the size is put the hooks in the loops as pictured in the second photo. My example isn't the best because I put in on almost as tight as it should go and like I said, you shouldn't do that! (unless you have a smaller sized head of course~)

One of the issues that I had with this wig is it's a bit thin and it makes the wig look less natural/poor quality. I wish this wig was a bit thicker but, it's not toooo bad~

Here's a close up of the wig. The curls are really pretty and I love the overall style and color of the wig. However, when I wear this wig outside it looks a lot brighter and shinier which isn't good because this can make the wig look unnatural.

Here's what the wig looks like on me! As I mentioned previously, this wig is a lot shinier and brighter than I expected it to be but it's still a very pretty wig. I really love how this  Long Light Purple Wig looks in low light, though.~ I'll atach more photos at the end of this review.

Overall Ratings

Shipping: 10/10

Quality: 6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6/10

Would I recommend this product to you?: If you like this wig, you should purchase it. However, the quality isn't the best. I think this wig would be good for cosplay or Halloween but, I personally wouldn't wear it everyday since the quality isn't amazing.

Circus Doll has TONS of really cute wigs, clothes, shoes, plushies, accessories and more so even if you don't like this wig you should deffinately check them out!

You can also use my code "pastelcutie" at checkout for 10% off your order~!

More photos as promised~

Thanks for reading! 

Much love,

Friday, September 19, 2014

Birthday Wishlist ♥

Hello cuties! My birthday is coming up really soon and I thought it would be cool to make a wishlist. I honestly don't expect anything at all I just like making wishlists and sharing cute things with you guys~ If an item has a * next to it that means I either bought it myself or someone bought it for me already okie :3

10. Tamagochi P in Pink (found on Amazon)

12. Seashell Bra Crop Top

If an item doesn't have a link it's because there's a limited stock and I'm thinking of purchasing it. So, my apologies if something you want doesn't have a link. :c

I don't expect anything but, I hope you all enjoyed this wishlist post of mine heh.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mimi Petit Decoden Case Review~! ♥

Hello my precious babies~ Today I am going to be reviewing an online etsy shop called Mimi PetitMimi Petit sells custom decoden cases for various phone models~ I was lucky enough to be contacted by the owner of Mimi Petit and was offered a custom case to review for you all~

My case was made really quickly I believe it took less than a week for the owner to make it and ship it out. It shipped from Austrillia and arrived in the US in less than two weeks so, I was very pleased about that. The package itself was slightly damaged (my postal service is never careful ugh) but luckily, nothing was damaged!

My case was wrapped in a tonnn of bubble wrap which helped keep it safe from the clutches of my careless postal service heh. Emily also sent me a little gift with my case which I will talk about in a little bit~

My case was also wrapped in a little plastic bag~ Overall the packaging was really cute and I'm very happy! I went through Emily's etsy and instagram to see if I could get any ideas for my phone case and I ended up settling on this My Little Pony themed case that was alreay pre-designed. This exact case isn't listed in her etsy shop but, you can message her on etsy or instagram and tell her that you would like a case just like this! You're welcome to use my photos as a reference if you would like.

Here are some close ups of my case! This case is very well made and I'm really happy with the design. The reason I chose this design is because it has all of my favorite things on it such as; My Little Pony, bows, straberries, ice cream, strawberry pocky, roses and many other cute things!

The "whipped cream" on my phone case is very squishy and fun to press~ Be careful not to press too hard though heh. The only downside to my case is it gets dirty really easily. I wash my hands constantly and somehow it still gets little bits of dirt in the cracks.. It happens, I guess! I asked the owner, Emily what would be the best way to clean it and she said that wet wipes will work just fine. If you need to clean in between the cracks you can use a tooth pick but I think a q-tip would be a more gentle option.

My case fits my phone perfectly. It just snaps on and off really easily which is great! Emily also sent me this really cute squishy panda charm *squish squish*~ How swe\et! I am extremely satisfied with my phone case from Mimi Petit and I highly recommend you check out her cases and maybe order from her~

But wait! You can use the code "pastelcutie" at checkout for 15% off your entire order~ 

 If you have any questions feel free to comment below or shoot me a message on my tumblr.

Thanks for reading!

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