Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Self Love and Confidence Building ♥

Hello cuties! Valentine's Day is on the rise and love is deffinately in the air~ I really wanted to make a blog post about loving the most important person, yourself! In this post I will also include tips on how to build your confidence. As someone who has struggled with their self esteem and confidence their entire life, I feel like I can offer some information that might be helpful and inspiring to others. However, I am in no way a professional and these methods are things that I have tried that have helped my own personal self esteem and confidence.

Praise Yourself

When it comes to self love and self acceptance, one of the most imporant things is to praise yourself. What I like to do is look at myself in the mirror and say the things that I like about myself to help build my confidence. Note that you do not only have to praise physical attributes. You can say things like, "I'm a very compassionate person.", "I always try my best in whatever I try to do.", "I'm considerate of other's feelings." etc. This excersise could be difficult if you do not like anything about yourself. [believe me, I know the feeling...] If you can't think of anything you like about yourself, look in the mirror and say what you would like to learn to love. Loving things about yourself isn't easy, I understand! But, you can make goals for yourself. Write them down in a notebook or journal. Please note that loving yourself takes time and patcient. You don't just wake up one morning and love yourself. It's something that you have to work on every single day, build it up, so that it becomes a regular way of thinking. Positive thoughts = positive feelings.

Stay Positive

It's very imporant to stay positive in any situation but, especially when it comes to self love and self acceptance. If you're negative all of the time, you aren't going to feel very good. If you don't feel good, you aren't going to feel like being kind to yourself. A lot of the time, when you feel bad, it helps to change your way of thinking. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, you are going to have a negative point of veiw when it comes to everything! If you catch yourself thinking/saying something negative, catch yourself and turn it into something positive. For example, you may be frusterated and say something like, "I'm not good at art! There are so many artists that are better and more talented than I am!" instead say, "If I keep practicing I will become as good as the artists I idolize. I won't give up!". That kind of positive thinking can help you motivate yourself in a positive way. Once you feel motivated it is easier to learn self acceptance. Start small, and build from that.

Treat Yo' Self

Self care is VERY important when it comes to learning to love and accept yourself. A lot of the time, we are so concerned with helping and caring for others that we forget to take care of ourselves. In my experience, it's really helpful to have self care days. Pick a day, any day, and dedicate that day to self care. I've heard people call their self care days, "Self Care Sundays" which can help you remember the day. Self care can include many things. Here are some examples of self care;

Take a hot shower or bath with fragrant soaps/bath bombs

Drink some of your favorite tea

Dress up really nice for yourself

Relax and watch your favorite film

Eat your favorite food

Make sure you get enough sleep

Don't forget to take your meds

Take a nap if you feel tired

Drink lots of water!

Read a book and get lost in the pages

Surround yourself with positive, and supportive people

Treat yourself to something on your wishlist [yes, you do deserve it.]

I could literally go on forever but, you get the point. If it makes you happy then it's a form of self care. If it makes you feel healthier, it is a form of self care. You can only really help others after you have helped yourself. It's nice to take care of others but, please remember that YOU are the most important person in your life! 

Don't Compare

In my personal experience, the worst thing you can do is compare yourself to someone else [in a negative way]. Saying things like, "I wish I was more ______ like ______.", "Why can't I be ______ like ______?" etc. will only make you feel inadequate. Just because someone is attractive, smart, talented, etc. that doesn't mean that you aren't any of those things. This is where positive affirmations come in handy. Replace those negative comparisons with, "I am". For example, "I AM intellegent, attractive, empathetic, open minded, rescourceful, fashionable--" etc. Only you can define who you are. If you want to change your appearance or character to become more confident, do you! If you want to eat healthier so that you can lose weight in a healthy way, go you! If you want to change your hair, go for it! If you want to change your style, that's awesome! But, don't do it to be like someone else. You are the only you there is so be the best you that you can be! I believe in you!

Stay Cute

For me, what really helped build my confidence was looking the way that I wanted regardless of what other people thought. The truth is, people are going to judge you no matter what so you might as well do what makes you feel the most happy and confident with yourself. No joke, being yourself can be really scary at first because you never really know how people are going to react. But, I promise that once you do you will feel so much happier and confident. Dress the way you want and as long as it makes you happy, what other people think of you do not matter. If you want to wear wigs, go for it! If you want to wear a fashion or style that isn't widely accepted or worn in your area, you should! I promise you, it will change your life and you will become a lot happier in the long run! Changing your look will take time. Start small, and build up. If you want to enhance your usual/natural style/features that's cool, too! What's imporant is that you are doing whatever is making you feel the most confident.

I have been working on learning to love and accept myself for the past year and a half and I've become a lot more comfortable and confident in myself. However, I still have bad days where I feel icky. It's a work in progress and that's okay. Like I said before, it's something that you have to work at every single day and build up overtime. It can be very frusterating at times but, don't give up! As long as you keep trying, you will get to where you want to be. I believe in you!

Let me know what you thought of this post and if it was helpful to you! [I hope so.] Also, if you have something you like about yourself, let me know down below in the comments. I'd love to see the positive aspects that you see in yourself. 

Much love,

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sorayraya Kawaii Phone Case Review~! ♥

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog and I'm really sorry for that. I've been in a bit of a slump, lately. I'm not really sure what I want to blog about. If you have any ideas, please do let me know down below in the comments! Today I will be reviewing an online store called Sorayraya.com. Sorayraya sells custom decoden cases for phones and other electronic devices. I've been a big fan of this store for a while now so, I'm really excited to be writing this review for you all today! ^^

Shipping took about two weeks to ship from the UK to the US which is average for international shipping times. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping and everything was wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the cases. Overall, my shipping experience was really good!

Here are the cases that I recieved! They are all really cute cases and very well made. However, when I talked to the owner about the design for my custom case, I wanted something entirely different. There could have been miscommunication on my part but, I thought that it's important that I mention that. 

The first case that I recieved was this super cute Parfume & Kawaii Kitten Decoden Phone Case. This case is super pastel and super cute. It features a kawaii kitty, a glittery pink perfume bottle, and all kinds of sweets and sparkles! Cuteness overload! My favorite thing about this case is the base of the case is actually pink so, it blends in with my phone really well. This case is extremely well made and I am not worried about bits falling off. However~ 

I was sent some little extra pieces just in case which is really convinient. I have a few cases from Sorayraya and in my experience they are very durable but, they are hand made so please do be careful with them! Treat your case with care~ ♥

I really love this case even though it isn't the design I had originally wanted. All of the cases that Sorayraya makes are so cute and so well made I am always impressed! I highly recommend the Parfume & Kawaii Kitten Decoden Phone Case if you are intersted in it.

The next case that I recieved was this Pink Slime Whipped Cream Decoden Case. I love love love this case so much! The Slime/Whipped Cream combination is the cutest thing I have ever seen, This case features a super cute pink bunny, lots of sweets, and sparkles! All of my favorite things~! This case is very durable and well made. Please do take care of your custom cases, though. They need love too~ ♥

The Pink Slime Whipped Cream Decoden Case fits my phone perfectly! It's so cute and I highly recommend this case if you are intersted in it!

The last case that I'm going to be reviewing today is the Pink Sweet With Sprinkles Icing Phone Case, This is a very simple case yet, it's really cute, The whipped cream and sprinkles reminds me of cupcakes YUM! My only concern with this case is, I'm worried the whipped cream on the case will get dirty really easily. But, I am going to do my best to keep it looking as clean as possible~ This case is well made and very affordable. Also~

Sorayraya can make a custom case for almost any device. Some of these phone models I've never even heard of before! It's great that Sorayraya offers custom cases for something other than iPhones because I know that is very rare. So, go on and get yourself a super cute case hehe.

The Pink Sweet With Sprinkles Icing Phone Case is very cute and I recommend it if you are looking for a simple and cute design. All of the cases that I have recieved today are very cute, well made, and durable. I love the uniqueness of Sorayraya's designs. I also like that there are many phone models to choose from. You can order a pre-made case or constact her for a custom case. It's probably better to order a pre-made case to avoid any miscommunication, though!

I am happy with my cases despite the slight miscommunication. I recommend that you check out Sorayraya and purchase a case from her! BUT WAIT~ I have a discount code for you guys!

Happy Shopping!

Thanks for reading~ Please be sure to comment below with any ideas for blog posts that you would like to see!

Much love,

Monday, December 15, 2014

Super Orange ♥

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about an online shop called Super Orange. You may have seen the promotional posts on my main blog, facebook, instagram etc. I am fortunate enough to be sponsored by Super Orange and I wanted to make a post talking a little more about it. Let me start off by saying that although these items are sponsored, all of my opinions are 100% honest.

Here are the items that I was sponsored by Super Orange.The shipping was very quick and nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping. Each clothing item is screen printed by hand on American Apperel.

The print on the clothing is very bright and clear. I have absolutely no complaints in terms on quality. The quality of these items is amazing and I am extremely impressed!

Here are some photos of me wearing the Magical Girl Long Sleeve Bodysuit. This is printed on an AA bodysuit and comes in sizes S-L. I got a size medium based on the measurements of AA bodysuits and it fits perfectly! 

Here I am wearing the White Hentai Tank. This tank top is also an AA tank top and it is extremely soft! This tank top is availible in sizes S-L and I really love how comfortable this tank top is.

Here I am wearing the Hentai Princess Cropped Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is extremely comfortable and is also from AA. This sweatshirt is currently sold out and I am unsure if it will be re-stocked or not but, I will keep you all updated on my main blog. I'm in love with this sweatshirt~ ♥

Here I am in the extremely popular KAF Panties. These are boyshort panties from AA and they are extremely comfortable. They are availible in sies S-L. Measurements for each size are provided on the site. I love these panties so much and I highly recommend them!

Last but not least, I was sent this really cute "Waifu" Patch. This patch is about the size of my hand and is very well made. It is currently out of stock and I'm unsure if/when it will be re-stocked but I will keep you all updated!

My sites

Super Orange Sites

You can also use the code "pastelcutie" at checkout for 10% off your entire order! 

I hope this post answered all of your questions about Super Orange. Comment below and tell me which items are your faves!

Thanks for reading, love you! ♥

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gift Ideas for Him ♥

Hello! I recieved a lot of positive feedback from my "Gifts for Her ♥" blog post and a lot of you asked me to do a "Gifts for Him ♥" blog post so, here it is! I don't really know what guys like so, I tried to include a bunch of different things. Most of the items are under $20, as well!

(Click photo to enlarge)

(Click photo to enlarge)

(Click photo to enlarge)

4.) Bat Mug

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope it made your Christmas shopping a little easier! Don't forget to Like me on Facebook and follow me on instagram @pastelcutie ♥

Thanks for reading. Be sure to comment below and tell me which items are your faves!

Happy Holidays!