Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hey guys! I have a new review for you. Today I'm going to be reviewing a storenvy shop called Bow_tique! ♥ This shop features many cute creations such as, bows, earrings, rings, and other handmade accessories.  

This is the package my items came in. Nothing was broken or damaged during shipping. It got here really fast, too. It came within a couple days, or so which I was really happy about. 

I really wanted to snap a picture of the cute little My Little Pony stickers on the outside. Aren't they cute? hehe :3

All my items came in a neatly wrapped pink baggy. 

Yaaay! More ponies!!! ♥♥♥

Here are the bows I received.  I will talk about each of the bows, in a moment.~ 

The first bow I picked was the Nebula Space Bow. It's a very cute bow and I love the design. But, I have a few things that I do not like about it. The bow is very flimsy and I feel like the bow isn't tight enough put together. It doesn't really have an initial shape so it's just sort of... not very well put together. The pieces aren't sewed together in a way that gives the bow structure. So, I was kind of disappointed with this product.

The second bow I picked was the Floral Bow. It's a very good bow but, I'm not too happy with it. Like I said before, the bow is a bit flimsy because it's not sewn together tight enough. This one isn't as flimsy because of the fluffy fabric. It still needs some adjustments, though.

She was kind enough to send me the Rose Bow along with the other bows that I selected. This bow isn't very well made, at all. The bow is flimsy, I feel like I have to be careful with it or it will fall apart. It doesn't look very good in my hair because it's so droopy (I think that's the word..) yeah. It's a very cute bow, but it's really just not good quality, at all.

Lastly, I picked the Pink Cupcake Bow. I picked this bow mainly for the cupcake centerpiece. It's a very cute and girly bow. But, it's not too well put together. I had to adjust the bow just so that it would look even on both sides. I tried my best to make the bow look like it had an initial shape. If I can, I'll probably remove the centerpiece and sew it onto a different bow. It's a cute bow overall, but in my opinion, it still needs improvements.

Another thing that really disappointed me was the clasp on the back. Most of my bows have clips on the back that are removable. This clasp is sewed and hot glued on, I believe. I don't like these kinds of clasps because they're really difficult to put in your hair and you actually mess up your hair while trying to put it on. It pulls my hair, as well. I was just really disappointed with the quality in all the bows, to be honest. They really do need some major adjustments. 

The next items I picked were the Minnie Mouse Hair Clips (no longer listed in the store), and the Pink Heart Waffle Ring. I was REALLY satisfied with these products. 

I really love this Pink Heart Waffle Ring. ♥ It's very cute and well made. The ring piece that's attached to the back isn't really cheap or anything. It doesn't pinch my fingers and it's also adjustable. I am very satisfied with this product. 

These are the Mickey/Minnie Mouse Hair Clips (not listed in shop). I was very satisfied with these products, as well. They're very well made, I don't feel like they're going to fall apart easily, and they don't pull my hair. They're very cute and I love them so much! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Quality of Bows: 2/10
Quality of Other Accessories: 10/10
Shipping: 10/10
Customer Satisfaction: 4/10

I wasn't very satisfied with the bows at all, really. They need some improvements, to say the least. I was very disappointed with them, overall. The accessories are good quality, though. I was very satisfied with them. The shipping was very fast which is always nice. I wasn't really too satisfied with anything other than, the clips and ring. The bows like I said before, aren't good quality and they need adjustments. 

I hope you enjoyed this review even though it wasn't very positive. Here's the link to the shop if you care to shop there. 

Bye, kittens!  


  1. Everything you got is super cute.

  2. These bows are huge! Soooo adorable <3