Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello! I'm going to make a post for those of you who want to make a blogspot but, don't know how. Blogspot is a bit more complicated than tumblr so, there's going to be a lot of screenshots and I'm going to try my best to explain what to do. :3

Okay, first go to and sign up. It's super quick and easy so just follow the steps and complete the sign up process. 

Next, it will take you to the home page that kind of looks like this

Next you're going to click the symbol that looks like two papers on top of each other on the right hand side.

Then you're going to select "Template".

Then, it's going to take you to the Template page and you're going to select a template for your blog. Which is basically, what you want your blog layout to look like.

Personally, I like the "Simple" templates because they're really easy to customize.

After you select a template, you're going to go back to the template page and click the "Customize" button at the top of the page.

After you click the "Customize" button you're going to be taken to a page that looks like this

At the top of the page you're going to see a grey box where you can change your template, add a background, adjust the width of your blog, change the layout (which is where you decide if you want one sidebar, two, or none, a header or not etc.) Once you've picked a layout you're going to go back to blogger. 

Then you're going to head over to where the stack of papers symbol is and click the "Layout" option. It's going to take you to a page that looks like this

Here's where it gets a little tricky. You can add, remove, or re-arrange things on your blog using "gadgets". To add a gadget click "Add a Gadget" at the top of what would be, your sidebar. A window is going to pop up that looks like this

Here, you can select what you want to add to your sidebar. (links, pages, ads, HTML etc.) Now I'm going to explain what you have to do to customize your sidebar like this

Okay~!!! In that window (that you should still have open) you're going to click "HTML/Javascript"

Another window is going to pop up that looks like this

Here, is where you're going to put the HTML codes for your sidebar. *Just like you add HTML to your description on tumblr* The only thing is, you can't upload a sidebar photo like you can on tumblr. (or at least not that I'm aware of...) so, you're going to have to shrink the photo you want to use to fit in your sidebar and then add the basic image code. Which is~

<p><a href=""> <img src="IMAGEURLHERE" /></a></p>

To make an image go to a specific link when you click it, use this code.

<a href="LINK" target="_blank">
<img src="IMAGEURL" width="" height="" border="" style="border:px solid black;" alt="" />

And of course, you can add text, too. 

When you're finished adding everything you want to your sidebar. click "Save".

Once the window closes, feel free to re-arrange any of the gadgets on your blog by drag & dropping them where you want them to appear on your blog.

To add a header to your blog click "Edit" where it says "(Header)"

Then, a window is going to pop up that looks like this

Here, you can upload an image to your blog that will be your own personalized "header" or blog banner. You don't need special skills to make a cute banner. I just made an easy, cute, text banner using Paint. for cute downloadable fonts click here. For a tutorial on how to upload cute fonts to Paint click here. Keep in mind that when you're making your banner on paint that it is the recommended width x height otherwise, it won't fit or look right. When you're done upload the image file. (.png) and click "Save".

You can "Preview" your blog your blog before clicking save to make sure everything looks the way you would like it to. The options are in the top right hand corner.

Then click "Save Arrangement" to save your progress. 

Here's how you make posts on blogspot~!!!

You can make a blog post on anything you want. You can host giveaways, you can make DIY blog posts, you can make tutorials, you can post about your daily life, fashion tips, review products you love or hate etc. You can pretty much post whatever you'd like! I'm personally always looking for good blogs on blogspot so, the more the better. :) Now, how to make a post on blogspot:

Go to the homepage and click the orange pencil in the top right hand corner. 

It will lead you to a blank page that looks like this

Normally, I upload a banner for my title that I made on Paint. 

Here's how you upload photos so that they appear in your blog post.

At the top of the blank page you're going to see a little photo button that looks like this

Click the photo button and then a window will pop up. On the left side you'll see a bunch of options that you can use to insert an image into your post.

You can upload multiple files at once or just one at a time. It's up to you! You can upload JPG, GIF, and PNG files that are on your computer or already on your blog, from Picsa, from your phone, from your webcam, and even from a url.  

When you select an image (or images) to upload it will look like this. When you are done uploading the images you want in your post you can select each individually or all together. Click "Add Selected" to add the images to your blog post.

Sorry if you can't really see that. :c But basically, you can add text, change the font and size of your text, change the color of the text in your post, highlight the text in your post, add links, add an image, add a video, (which I just realized...oops) insert a "page break", change the alignment of your post, add numbers and bullet points to make a list, insert a quote, remove formatting (sounds dangerous though i've never done that....) and check spelling. Which is pretty much self explanatory but, I decided to let you all know what your options are. 

When you're done, don't forget to click "Save" and then click "Publish" to post on your blog. If you'd like, you can also "Preview" your posts before publishing them to make sure it looks awesome! 

Now I'm going to tell you guys how you can follow other blogs. Following other blogs is great because you get to see what others are posting on their blogs. It's always great following other blogs because you can also get ideas for your own blog, find cool tutorials and DIY's, find out the latest trends and fashion picks etc. 

Following blogs is pretty easy. 

Sometimes people have follow buttons located on their blog. But, if they don't here's how you follow people. Go to the homepage. On the left hand side you'll see your "Reading list" aka people you follow and a button that says "Add". 

Click the "Add" button and then a window will pop up on your screen that looks like this

There, you can add blogs you want to follow using their blog URl. This is what I usually do because it's a very quick and easy way to follow other blogs. Then, when you're done, click the "Follow" button. Once you've followed all the blogs you want they will appear in your left hand sidebar and on your dashboard like this

You can also view all posts from a specific blogger by selecting their blog that's listed in your reading list like this

Click the more >> option to view a specific post by the blogger you selected and it should pop up in a new window. 

Well~ that's pretty much it, really! I know it seems like a lot but, that's mostly because I was trying to explain everything in as much detail as possible so that everyone would understand. I know there may be different ways to use blogspot but, this is the way I did it. I hope this post was helpful and I hope to see you on blogspot, soon! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment below or message me on my tumblr. Un-anonymously please.  


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    1. Hello dear!

      It's part of my theme and then I did some extreme HTML coding to make it look the way it does. It took me 2 days of constant coding and a friend helped me with the links at the top so, I couldn't explain if I tried. :(


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  2. You are a lifesaver girl! I've been searching and searching for easy tutorials for ages, which is why I've never really gotten into blogger, but everyone I've found has been no use. This is simple and sweet.

    x ♥ Thunder-Bunny

  3. This is very helpful, thanks girlie ^_^

  4. Ah but still you need to somehow *let the people know* you have a blog :(