Friday, February 21, 2014

Holley Tea Time Review ♡

Hello cutie patooties! Today I am going to be reviewing an online Storenvy shop called Holley Tea Time. Holley asked me if I'd like to review her store and I said yes because I've seen the same negative review floating around blogging sites and I wanted to have an opinion for myself and tell you guys about my experience! She also has really cute items so that's another reason I agreed to write a review for her shop hehe. 

My parcel was shipped on February 19th and arrived on the 20th so, the shipping was really fast. Holley Tea Time ships from California so, if you live within the USA shipping should be relatively fast for you, as well. Holley also gave me a tracking number as well as constant updates on my parcel which is really great and super professional! I am super satisfied with my shipping experience from Holley Tea Time. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

All of my items were placed very neatly in plastic wrapping. Presentation is very important to me and Holley really showed me that she puts a lot and time into each of her orders and that's awesome! 

The first item that I received was this adorable Pastel Polka Dot Skirt. This is a new item at HTT and I am sooo in love! Everything about this skirt just screams "PASTEL CUTIE"~ This skirt is white with pastel polka dots and a pink lace trim.

Holley makes and sews everything for her shop herself and I have to say, she did such an amazing job! The skirt is really well made and the hem on the skirt is really neat. I have absolutely no complaints! It's very well made and I'm really satisfied with it.

About sizing~ This skirt measures 17.5in. (including tutu), the elastic waistline is 27in. - 47in., and the elastic can stretch up to 47in. What I really love about this skirt is the elastic because it can stretch quite a lot! But, it also looks really good on smaller waists, as well! (Please measure yourself before purchasing~)

I chose to pair my skirt with a simple white crop top but, you could wear whatever cute top you want with it~ I think it looks really nice. Anyway, This skirt honestly fits me perfectly! I did however, give Holley my measurements so that could be why heh. I am so in love with this skirt. Because of the tutu underneath it, it's really poofy and it looks like you're wearing a petticoat even though you're not and I love that since I don't own a petticoat...I'll post some full body photos at the end of the review so that you can see how cute and poofy it really is. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this skirt. It's really well made and it's absolutely adorable. I give this item a complete 5/5~ I highly recommend that you order it soon if you're interested because Holley's stuff tends to sell out really quickly.

The next item that I received was this super cute Pastel Rainbow Fairy Heart Necklace. This necklace is made from resin, paint, and pastel beads. The heart charm measures 2.5" x 2.5" and the chain measures 20.4". I really love the look and feel of resin jewelry and I probably wear it more than anything else. This necklace would be perfect for fairy kei, pop kei, or any other cutesy style. This piece in particular is really well made and I honestly didn't find any flaws whatsoever. It's a really cute piece and I'm really happy with it! Overall, I give this item a complete 5/5! Sadly, this necklace is sold out but, maybe she'll restock it if enough people request it? If not, there's tons of really cute necklaces in her shop that can be found HERE~!!!

Lastly, I received these adorable rings made of resin. The box was so cute and I had to take a picture to show you guys. As you can see she sent me the Magical Iridescent Star Ring and the Sweet Pink Strawberry Ring.

Each resin piece is glued onto a silver plated adjustable ring. Since it's silver plated, it shouldn't turn your finger green so, that's good. Also, since it's adjustable you can adjust it to fit your ring size which is always good because I have skinny fingers haha. As far as I can tell, they're glued on really well but, always treat your handmade items with care otherwise they will break!

These rings are super adorable and really well made. I couldn't find any flaws within the items so, I'm super happy! (I'm wearing the star ring upside down though oops...) Overall, I give these items a 5/5! They're super cute, really well made, and adorable~

As promised, here's some full body shots (kind of?). Can you see how poofy the skirt is? It looks like I'm wearing a petti even though I'm not oh my gosh I love it so much~ I honestly want more skirts like these ahhh~!!! 

Holley also sent me a cute little letter with adorable doodles hehe. Thank you Holley! You're so super sweet~!!! I look forward to collaborating more with you!

More outfit photos from my instagram (@pastelcutie

Overall, I am completely satisfied with my items from Holley Tea Time. I highly recommend that you check out Holley's shop and purchase something ASAP because her stuff sells out really fast!

Thank you so much Holley I honestly love everything and you're such a sweetheart~! ♥

You guys can also use the code "Pastel-Cutie" at checkout for 10% off any order~! (Expires once the code is used 25 times.)

Thanks for reading! Love you. ♥