Friday, March 21, 2014

Dark Moon Cult Review ♡

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be talking about an online Etsy shop called Dark Moon CultDark Moon Cult sells street fashion apparel, accessories and more. I've been a fan of Dark Moon Cult for a while now and I really love all of their stuff! I've talked about DMC before and you can read my post about that HERE. Anyway, let's get started!

Dark Moon Cult recently released a Rainbow Hologram Set and I literally drooled when I saw the announcement that this was going to be in their shop, soon! I'm sure most of you have seen that I have the Hologram Set (pastel version?) and I love that set so much so naturally I was really excited! I am seriously so in love with holographic stuff right now and DMC carries loads of that stuff. 

The first item that Ursula set me was this amazing Rainbow Hologram Tye-Dye Crop Top. The design is amazing and I love the color combo. The crop top itself is really comfortable and it fits me perfectly. I love both of my hologram crop tops because they're really flattering on me. I highly recommend that you check out this super rad crop top if you're into that sort of thing because it is amazing and I honestly love it so much!

The next item that I'm going to be talking about is the Rainbow Hologram Circle Skirt. This skirt compliments the crop top, perfectly! It's made from high quality printed spandex with professionally finished seams. It's really comfortable and flowly and I find that it's really flattering on me. I love it a lot and I'm really happy with it! 

The crop top and circle skirt can be bought separately or as a set [LINK]. It's cheaper if you purchase it as a set and I highly recommend that you do that because this set is amazing~! What's really great about this set is it comes in sizes XS-XL so more babes will be able to rock this style, too. I am so in love with this set you have no idea! I'm really happy that Ursula was kind enough to send me more of her super amazing stuff!

Ursula also sent me these really cool purple plane Jane leg garters. They aren't listed in her shop at the moment but you can find them in black HERE. I didn't wear these yesterday (sadly) because I wanted to wear my heart spiked leg garter, instead. (2nd photo) I was going for a more edgy look but, from what I could tell these garters are really well made and since it is made of elastic they're stretchy~! These garters come in sizes XS-XL, as well which is really awesome! These garters can be used to hold up socks or worn upside down and clipped to a mini dress. (I never thought of that omg!) These garters are really rad so if you're looking for a simple garter, I recommend these.

Lastly, she sent me these really cute iron on patches! She has a bunch of really cute patches that can be found HERE. I really need to find a vintage demnim jacket, bleach it, dye it pink and add a bunch of cool patches and pins to it (future DIY project?). But, these patches are super adorable and I will definitely be using them sometime.

I have one last surprise for you all! You can use the code PASTEL at checkout to get 15% off your entire purchase at Dark Moon Cult!

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Thanks for reading. Love you! ♡