Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Geo Coloured Lenses Review ♥

Hello everyone! I'm here with another review of my favorite online circle lens store called Geo Coloured Lenses. What I really love about Geo Coloured Lenses is all of their lenses are authentic Geo brand and they are approved by the USA FDA.

Geo Coloured Lenses offered to send me a pair of lenses from their new "Holi Cat" series. I was originally interested in the natural look of these lenses so I chose Geo Holi Cat Lovely Choco. I was honestly looking for a pair of lenses to replace my previous Geo Eyescream Choco Mousse Lenses but, I'm not sure any other lenses could replace those!

The packaging was really cute and pretty! Most of my lenses come in glass vials so, this was a bit of a nice change. As you can see, the lenses have an authentic Geo brand sticker on them. If you go to the website on the sticker and type in the code it will tell you if your lenses are authentic or not. This is a big deal because there are companies that make fake lenses and try to pass them off as Geo brand lenses which can be very dangerous and harmful to your eyes! But of course, my lenses are authentic as promised.

Here are the lens specifications/details! The lenses are 14.5mm and have a water content of 40.2%. The lenses are available in prescription. Please check with your optometrist before wearing circle lenses. The life span or "expiration date" of these lenses is 1 month. I am honestly a little sad about this because I generally like my lenses to last a long time so that I can use them more frequently.

As specified in the lens details they come in two separate packages. In the package there is lens fluid but, that is only temporary. You need to purchase All Purpose Contact Lens Solution which can be found at stores like Wal Mart and CVS. I think you can buy a big bottle for about $10 and it tends to last a pretty long time.

Each pair of lenses comes with a wear and care guide to help you learn more about the care of your lenses. I highly recommend that you do more research on circle lenses if you are a beginner~

Each pair of lenses that you order will come with a contact lens case. You need to soak your lenses in all purpose contact lens solution for at least 8hrs. before wearing. Be sure to only handle your lenses with clean hands and wash your lenses with contact lens solution regularly! This item is going into your eyes so it is important that you take extra special care of them (as well as your eyes). Also be sure to never wear your lenses for longer than 8hrs because it may cause damage to your eyes. As long as you take extra special care of your lenses and do not wear them for longer than 8hrs or sleep in them  you should be fine! (PLEASE DO NOT SLEEP WHILE WEARING YOUR LENSES!)

No lenses.

One lens, (Left side)

Both lenses.

As I mentioned before, I wanted a comfortable natural looking pair of lenses. These lenses are 14.5mm so, they aren't that much larger than my natural eye but they still give a bit of a larger effect. These lenses blend in perfectly with my natural eye color so they do not look unnatural which is what I wanted. 

The only thing that I am slightly unhappy about is these lenses aren't as comfortable as my previous ones. For comfort I would give them a 3/5. I am also a bit sad that they're only going to last me a month but, that's something that I should have paid more attention to. However, these lenses are the exact color, size, and style I was looking for! ^_^ 

Color: /5

Comfort: /5

Enlargement: /5

Overall: /5

If you have any questions about circle lenses feel free to message me

Also be sure to check out Geo Coulored Lenses on TumblrFacebook,Instagram @geolens, and Pinetrest.

Thanks for reading. Love you! ♥


  1. Hi! I didn't use this lenses brand before, so maybe I'll try it because they look very nice. And last, you see very cute with them ^-^ see you

  2. Korean-Lens shop still offers the best prices? I was wondering if someone followed the shops and know where to find the best prices now ? Last time I bought online the best offer was on this shop because of BUY 2 GET 1 FREE and other offers.
    Anything better now to buy cheap contact lenses ? (I do not need correction).
    Thank you for your help.

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  4. Hello!!!!! You are right. Coloured contacts really helps to change our eyes look.