Thursday, May 8, 2014

Branded Kitty Shop Review ♥

Hell cuties! Today I am going to be reviewing an online store called Branded Kitty Shop. This online store sells various apparels, accessories and contact lenses. This online store sells a lot of really cute things and I've been super excited to tell you all about them so, let's get started!

My parcel took about 3 weeks to ship from China to California which is standard for international shipping times. Depending on where you live and the efficiency of your postal service the shipping time will be a bit different but I'd estimate anywhere from 2-4 weeks for delivery. I was also given a tracking number so that I could keep track of my parcel which is great! Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

These are the dresses that I received and they are so adorable! The dress on the left is the Sweet Pastel Lace Plaid Dress. It is sadly, no longer listed so I suppose it is sold out at the moment. The dress on the right is the Sweet Kitty Pastel Cross Dress in Pink

I am so in love with this Sweet Pastel Lace Plaid Dress. I believe it was available in two colors and two sizes. You could purchase it in blue or pink but, I chose pink. It was also available in sizes Small and Medium. I really love that a lot of Branded Kitty Shop's items come in more than "one size" because obviously, there is more than one body type. various sizes gives more people a chance to wear cute things!

I really love all of the cute details on this dress. There's tiny flowers on the lace and it is really cute! Not to mention the adorable bow accent on the front. There's also a lace trimming on the straps which is really cute, as well. Little details are so important when it comes to fashion so, I am very pleased with all of the lovely details on this dress.

There is a zipper on the side so it is very easy to put on and take off this dress. The zipper didn't get caught or anything so, that's good. There is also elastic in the back of the dress for a more comfortable fit. 

This dress is well made and it is really comfortable. I got this dress in a size medium and it fits perfectly. Please check your measurements before purchasing anything online so that you can ensure that the item is going to fit you. 

I am extremely satisfied with this dress and I love it so much! Overall I give this dress a 5/5! I really hope that they re-stock this dress soon because I know a lot of you wanted to purchase it, as well. If they re-stock it, I will be sure to let you guys know. ^^

This Sweet Kitty Pastel Cross Dress is extremely adorable! I feel like this dress has a sweet pastel goth style and I love it a lot. Luckily, this dress is still in stock! It is available in two colors and two sizes.You can purchase this dress in pink or in white and it is available in sizes small and medium. Please check your measurements before purchasing anything online so that you can ensure that the item is going to fit you.

The details on this dress are so cute! I love the lace trim on the collar as well as the puffy sleeves. The lace feels very comfortable and soft on my skin. Usually, puffy sleeves annoy me or they are uncomfortable but these are really comfortable and it doesn't bother me, at all.

I love this Sweet Kitty Pastel Cross Dress. I love all of the cute little details on the dress and it is very well made. The material is really comfortable, as well. I got this dress in a size medium and it fits me perfectly. I made sure to measure myself before ordering these dresses and I am glad I did because otherwise, I probably would have gotten the wrong size. Overall I give this dress a 5/5.

I am extremely satisfied with this dress and I honestly couldn't find any flaws within either of these dresses. They're both really comfortable and really well made. I highly recommend that you all check out Branded Kitty Shop because they have a ton of cute items and I had a really good experience with them!

You can also use the code "PastelCutie" at checkout for a discount on your entire purchase!

Thanks for reading. Love you~! ♥


  1. omo! sooo kawaii eh!

  2. Awwww it's so cuuuute!!
    I really like the sweet kitty pastel dress *O*!!


  3. I love both of those, super cute! The tartan one looks so sweet with the brown hair x

  4. Great review! About how big are you, though? Since you said you ordered a size medium in both it would help to know about what that is equivalent to!

  5. So beautiful dresses!
    Great post!
    Have a fab weekend!

  6. the dress is soo cute *-* I wanted to buy from this store a while back but was a bit hesitant first >u< Thanks for this review :D


  7. These dresses are so cute! As soon as I get my next paycheck, I think I might have to order a thing or two from this store. :)

    The Girly Gamer

  8. I love the last dress!! Looks really adorable!! <3 I love the color and ALL <3