Thursday, March 16, 2017

BB and B Phone Case Review ♥

BB and B

Hello friends! Today I have a very special review for you all. I'm going to be reviewing an online store called BB and B. BB and B makes handmade accessories, charms, jewelry and phone cases. BB and B and I have a very exclusive and special collaboration. This case was sent to me for review but all opinions are my own, as always! It's also very important that I mention, BB and B isn't taking custom cases at the moment but, all the cases on the site are pre-made and ready to order!

First off, the packaging is absolutely beautiful! My phone case came wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper and was placed neatly in a white soft drawstring bag with BB and B written on it. It has a very professional look and I am very impressed! They really took the time to present this case in a very cute and professional manner,

Here is my beautiful beautiful phone case. I gave them a very simple description with a few specifics and they gave me more than I ever could have hoped. I did not see the end result before receiving my phone case so, I was completely shocked and impressed by how beautiful it is. I used larme kei (Swankiss specifically) as inspiration for this case and it is wonderful!

The instructions that I gave to BB and B were simple. I wanted strawberries, lots of roses, a spoon (because I'm a spoonie hehe) and asked for a pink swan macaron. I let their designers have control over what to do with the rest of the case. They gave me everything I wanted and more! I'm extremely impressed. These cases are a bit more expensive than most decoden cases and rightfully so. They make each piece and charm for their cases by hand in Japan. Not only that but, they use real pearls and Swarovksi crystals on their cases. It doesn't get more high quality than this!

The charm on my case is so pretty! It is a beautiful ruby charm on a pink BB and B printed ribbon. It has a gold charm with BB and B carved into it with a bunny on the other side! It's so cute, I tried to take a photo but my camera refused to focus! I also really love the cute little honey jar on my case, it's such a small detail but it's those little details that make this case so stunning. There's another small charm (3rd photo) on the left next to the star which is so cute! Can you believe they make all of these by hand?!

The boarders of the case are made from a soft, flexible rubber like material that makes taking the case off so easy! I was worried that I would have trouble taking off the case especially with how packed it is with cute things but, nope! It  was really easy to put on, and remove. It also fits my case perfectly. There are a few different phone models listed on the site. They make iPhone cases, and a few different galaxy case models. They may offer more variety in the future.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with this case. The attention to detail and quality is amazing. I've never had a case quite like this one but, BB and B exceeded any and every expectation that I had. I very very very highly recommend BB and B to all of you! You will not be disappointed. They also included extra pieces just in case some bits fall off overtime. This case feels durable but you should always be very gentle with handmade cases. There is a business card that comes with care instructions for your handmade pieces, as well.

The instructions are really important because following the instructions will keep your handmade pieces in the best shape so they will last! It's really nice when shops include things like this as I like to take the best care of my decoden cases.

BB and B was kind enough to give me a code for all of you! The code is "PastelCutie" and when entered upon checkout, you will receive a special gift with your order.

When you go to make an account on their site! You can only place an order after making an account. It's really simple and fast. Once you make an account, it has to be approved by BB and B. Once your account is active, you can view the full details and prices of each case, manage your orders and add items to a wishlist.



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I can't recommend BB and B enough. I sincerely hope that you take the time to check out their site! I also really hope that you enjoyed this review. As always, thank you so much for reading and I'll see you soon! Love you. ♥

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