Sunday, October 1, 2017

Ami Clubwear Haul and Review! (Affordable) ♡

Hello cuties! It's been a while since I've done a fashion review so, I'm really excited!! I'm going to be reviewing and trying on items from Ami Clubwear. Now listen, I know my J-fashion babes are going to say, "But Angel! This isn't kawaii/pastel!!" But, there's so many cute pastel things on Ami Clubwear. Searching terms like "floral" and "pastel" will give you specific and CUTE results! There's a lot of products so, you'll be able to find something for you! I certainly did!!! That being said, these items were sent to me to review but, as always all opinions are my own! ♡

The first item I'm going to be writing about today is this Pumpkin Jersey Dress. It's a batwing style sweater dress which is super cute! I picked this item because it looked really comfortable and of course, I love Halloween! ♡

I really love the style and fit of this Pumpkin Jersey Dress. It's really relaxed and comfortable! The fabric is really light too which is great because I live in California and it's still pretty hot during October. Mind you, I did adjust the saturation and brightness to make this the cutest it can be! It's still a bright orange but less neon.

Here's a truer representation of the style, color and fit! My camera wouldn't focus so, I took this with my phone btw! But as you can see, the dress is pretty short on me. For reference I'm 5'0" and I got a booty. So, if you decide to be a cute pumpkin babe, I recommend wearing shorts or tights! I got the Pumpkin Jersey Dress in a size S/M.

I personally enjoy wearing it more like a sweater/top than a dress. It's SO comfy, I love it! The contrast of the Pumpkin Jersey Dress looks SO  cute against my pastel background! Also, Ami Clubwear is VERY affordable! They have sales all of the time and usually, you get get 50% off or more on their site! Their clothes, shoes etc. are already pretty affordable but who doesn't like getting 50% off, am I right???

Overall, I really love the Pumpkin Jersey Dress from Ami Clubwear. Even though I personally don't feel comfortable enough to wear this as a dress, it's SO CUTE as a top!! And of course if I wanted to, I can just wear some shorts! I absolutely love this Pumpkin Jersey Dress and I highly recommend it if you're interested!

By the way! Here's a close-up of my makeup! I was feeling very inspired by the Monster High Electrified Movie. There is so many on point looks in it, to be honest! It's actually a really cute movie, I recommend it!!

Another item that I absolutely had to have was this Rose Gold Rhinestone Princess Tiara! This tiara is a MUST HAVE for all modern princesses! It's so beautiful and detailed. It's made of a strong metal too which is good! It has a little comb so, you can put it in your hair which is so convenient.

I'm loving this creepy princess look! Which you'll see more of later on in this post. However, I wanted to show how cute and perfectly the Rose Gold Rhinestone Princess Tiara sits on top of my head. I love that the design is pretty simple because I can pair it with so many looks! ♡

Overall, I really love this tiara! It's such good quality and it looks absolutely stunning. The *sale price is only $6.75 which is so great. Items on Ami Clubwear tend to sell out FAST so, if you're interested in an item, buy it as soon as possible! I highly recommend the Rose Gold Rhinestone Princess Tiara! I'm in love with it! ♡

The next item I'll be writing about is this Mint Textured Fabric A-Line Dress. The reason why I chose this dress is because it reminded me a lot of the Hot Topic Cinderella Dress which, I could not afford. That's why I love Ami Clubwear because they're so affordable and they have sales really regularly!

Speaking of affordability, the Mint Textured Fabric A-Line Dress is currently on sale* for just $13.50 which is amazing!! The fabric is on the thicker side so, it's perfect for colder days! It's backless (as seen in stock photos) which is really cute. It unfortunately doesn't come with a zipper however, it is a bit stretchy and goes on just fine! I got a size M, by the way. 

The Mint Textured Fabric A-Line Dress hugs my waist in such a flattering way. I am so very pleased with it! I'm 1000% going to wear this dress on my birthday (October 9th) because it's honestly one of my favorite dresses, now! The style and fit is so comfortable!

I highly recommend the Mint Textured Fabric A-Line Dress so much! It's such a cute dress and I absolutely adore it! And for $13.50 *sale price it's an absolute dream! It makes me feel like a real life princess! ♡

The next item is a White Faux Fur Coat with a fluffy pocket! Unfortunately this item is sold out (Remember when I said stuff sells out quickly???) but, I found a really similar coat on the site! It's this really cute White Faux Fur Button Down Coat. This coat is VERY good quality! I'm so impressed.

This coat is fleece and is even lined with a really soft fabric! I am absolutely stunned by the quality! The *sale price was around $20-ish which is AMAZING?!?! Especially for a coat like this, I am just in awe! I realized I don't have a nice coat that matches my clothes so I got this one and I'm so glad! It's so perfect.

As I mentioned before, this coat has fluffy pockets!! It's faux fur, by the way! I absolutely adore these pockets more than anything because I always have cold hands. This coat is perfect for me!

I got this White Faux Fur Coat in a size M because I wanted more of an oversized look. It fits me exactly how I wanted it to! I wanted this coat to be like a big warm hug, perfect for the colder months! Also, these pockets are HUGE! I love them so much!! I could easily fit my iPhone and a lipstick in there. I'm in love.

Overall, I'm absolutely in ♡ LOVE ♡ with this coat. It's so comfortable and cute! As I mentioned previously, this coat is sold out. However. there's this White Faux Fur Button Down Coat that's really similar!! 

I got these Lace White Socks, as well! I really needed a new pair of lace socks because mine were getting pretty worn out haha. These socks are really cute, though! The downside is, they're a little big on me around the ankles. However, I do have really tiny ankles! Another unfortunate thing is, these socks are currently sold out. But, there's lots of cute lace socks/knee highs on Ami Clubwear like these White Crochet Heart Lace Socks! ♡

Last but certainly not the least, I got these White Clear Accent Faux Leather FlatsAmi Clubwear has the cutest shoes ever, honestly. There's so many different styles to choose from! It was hard to pick, but in the end I decided these would suit more of my clothes!

I decided to get the White Clear Accent Faux Leather Flats in a size 7.5. I'm normally a size 7 however, the size chart indicated that I should get a 7.5 for this particular shoe. I'm really glad I did because they fit perfectly! Always remember to read sizing charts because clothing, and shoes are all made differently!

These flats are surprisingly comfortable for plastic shoes! The white accents are patent but, the majority of the shoe is plastic. That being said, they're pretty comfortable! I wore them for about 5hrs the other day and I didn't have any issues with discomfort or anything.

I feel like this is a weird thing to mention but, I appreciate that these flats have a lot of holes on the strap. I have really tiny ankles and I usually have to poke an extra hole but, these fit perfectly fine, thanks to their consideration of tiny ankles haha.

This combination of Lace White Socks with the White Clear Accent Faux Leather Flats is SO cute! I love it 10/10 would definitely recommend! This whole outfit came together so perfectly. I really felt like a true princess. Thanks, Ami Clubwear! ♡

I wasn't originally planning on doing Halloween looks but, it's the 1st of October and I'm feeling very inspired! I love dressing up so I am a fan of Halloween, for sure! I really hope that you like these looks! I worked very hard on them!

Final thoughts: I am very very impressed with Ami Clubwear. The quality and price point is just that, on point! It's really an ideal site if you want to look cute on a budget or even just to save some money! I am really impressed with Ami Clubwear and I absolutely recommend them to you! ♡

Just a little reminder, everything on Ami Clubwear is 55% off for a limited time! Things sell fast so, please keep that in mind if you're interested in any specific items! That being said, I hope that you all enjoyed this review! I worked very hard on these looks and photos to give you the quality you deserve! Let me know down below in the comments which look is your favorite. ♡


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