Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hey guys! I'm going to review a very lovely shop called Kristina's Krafts!
Kristina is a very good friend of mine. My birthday is in about a month or so and she was kind enough to send me an early birthday present! However, I saw a review of her shop and I asked if I could review my gift and some extra goodies and she said yes! 

Here's the package I got from Kristina today! Shipping took about 3 days. That's pretty fast soo yay! (Although shipping times are due to the productivity of your postal service!) The envelope is clearly marked FRAGILE multiple times; giving the post people a heads up to be gentle! It also had a few cute stickers on it. ^.^

Here's the adorable gift baggy that was inside! I almost didn't want to open it because of the bunny sticker. Too cute! hehe =^.^=

Inside of the gift baggy I found an adorable hair clip, some stickers, and a surprise! :o ♥ Look at how cute and neat everything is wrapped aw. Yay for safe packages!

Inside of the surprise I ran into a problem. THE TAPE WAS SO CUTE I ALMOST COULDN'T TAKE IT OFF WITHOUT SOBBING. ; u ; #kawaiigirlproblems hehe. Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are my favorite! ♥♥♥

When I finally stopped kawaiigirlsobbing I opened up the bubble wrap to see two adorable charms! They're made of polymer clay and they're super adorable/well made. My step sister almost tried to eat the oreo charm! Oops. I know they look yummy, but please do not eat them! ; u ; ♥ The chocolate chip cookie charm is adorable, as well. I need to buy a bracelet or chain to put these adorable things, on. hehe

Now, onto the birthday gift! Kristina was kind enough to send me these kawaii bunny earrings! When I was taking them out I wasn't being careful and one of the bunnies ears came off, though. ; o ; I fixed it really fast/easy with some Krazy glue! (If you have a clay items that break you can also use craft glue.) 

Let's not forget all the free goodies! I got a bunch of super adorable stationary. (You all know how much I love stationary hehe) Also, here's a better look at my adorable lolipop hair clip! It's so cute I could cry. ; u ; ♥
Since most of Kristina's items are made of clay, you have to be super careful with them! Don't wear them to sleep or in the shower. Please feel free to contact Kristina if you have any questions or concerns!

Either way, I'm really glad it was an easy fix and I'm reallyreally happy with everything! I'm totally going to order from her, soon. (I have my eye on something in her shop that I MUST HAVE!!) hehe ♥

What's this? It's a really sweet note from Kristina, to me! She's so cute. ; u ; I also have a surprise for all of you, as well. You can use the cupon code PASTELCUTIE at checkout for 15% off on all items! Pretty awesome, right? 

Also, please check out Kristina's shop tumblr for more updates & deals!

Much love, Jane


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review Jane! I'm really happy you love everything <3 I had a feeling the bunnies might of broken, but it's great that you fixed it! o 3 o
    Can't wait to receive an order from you! I'll definitely include free goodies again hehe

  2. No problem, lovely. ♥♥♥
    Thanks so much! <33

  3. i have the same bunny stickeeer & those cute bunnies omg.