Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hi guys! Soooo guess what? I went to the mountains and saw snow, today! C:
Out of the blue, my stepdad asked if I wanted to go to the snow (since it said on the news that it was snowing) and of course, I said yes! I love the snow so much because it's too hot for snow; in San Diego. 
I was so happy! ^_^

It was a really fun day~! I would've taken more pictures but, I forgot to charge it before we left and it died lol. It was really cold, though! I don't think I could live somewhere where it was cold and snowing all the time! Haha. After that we ate In N Out and I really couldn't wait to get bundled up near the fire. :3

Thank you guys for reading my posts. I hope you enjoyed this blog post even though, it was mostly pictures.


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