Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello cuties! I have another review from Sheinside for you all, today. I really love Sheinside because they have clothes and items for just about every style and each of their items are very unique. 

My item came within about 5-10 days after it was shipped. The item came in this plastic envelope. The shipping was pretty quick considering it was shipped from China so, that's good. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

One thing I noticed that was a bit different from all of my other Sheinside packages was that my shorts came in a little ziplock baggy. It even has "Sheinside" written on the back with their e-mail and website and everything! It's very professional and I'm really excited because I can re-use the bag to store my wigs or something. hehe

Blue High Waist Flanging Heart Print Denim Shorts

The item I received was the Blue High Waist Heart Print Denim Shorts. The stock photo and the item aren't exact but, I'll get to that in a moment. The measurements for this item are:

Size Small

Waist 72cm
Hip: 90cm
Thigh 56cm
Length: 38cm

Size Medium

Waist: 76cm
Hip: 94cm
Thigh: 58cm
Length: 39cm

Size Large

Waist: 80cm
Hip: 98cm
Thigh: 60cm
Length: 40cm

The size that I chose was a size Medium. I did in fact, measure myself before deciding what size to get. I went off my waist measurements which are about 74cm-76cm so, naturally I got the size closest to my own measurements. But, they shorts are a bit too big on me. I have always been a size Medium / Large but, I have lost a bit of weight recently which is probably why they don't fit. I'm hoping they will shrink a bit when I wash them in hot water ahh ; o ; This is why taking your measurements is really important because you want to make sure the item is going to fit you! 

One thing I noticed was, there isn't a hole to put the button. I mean, there is but it's not cut open for some reason. Luckily, I had soem box cutters lying around and I cut the slit open so that I could button them. 

Unlike the stock photo, the bottom isn't folded. So, I folded up the bottom of the shorts and ironed the hem. I plan to sew the sides of the hem so that they stay that way. 

The shorts are a bit big on me so, I folded the sides and the back. (I need a belt lol) They fit a little baggy but, that's okay because they're super cute! I chose these shorts because I really like the heart print on them. ♥

The shorts themselves are really comfortable and the fabric isn't really thin or anything. I really love these shorts! ♥ I didn't find any major flaws with them or anything. I am a little sad that they're too big but, I'm thinking of selling them and getting them in a smaller size. 

Overall I give Sheinside


You can purchase these shorts HERE.  You can also read my previous review on Sheinside HERE.  

I hope you enjoyed this review. Feel free to comment if you have any questions. Thank you! ♥


  1. These shorts are so cute! I love the heart pattern. Even though they are a bit too big, I still think they look really nice on you ^^

  2. Hello, it's more common, especially in Asian countries, that the hole where the button in pants aren't pre-cut. When I asked why(my family owns a tailor shop overseas), they said it's to insure that they aren't pre-owned and/or authentic.